Thursday, July 27, 2006

13 People

1. Nathan
2. My Mom
3. Suzanne
4. Madi
5. Kyle
6. Jenny (sister)
7. My Dad
8. Sheila
9. Jenny (friend)
10. Lisa
11. Cheri
12. Neva
13. Colt
How did you meet number 10?
From my sister, Suzanne. I had always heard about Lisa, and how sweet she was, but I didn't personally know her until I became part of the bible study group that we have, and now I have her as my friend too!
What would you do if you hadn't met number 1?
Wow!!! Well I really don't even like to think about that. All I can say is that God always knows what he's doing!
What would you do if number 2 and number 6 dated?
Be very disturbed.
Have you seen number 4 cry?
Umm...many times.
Is number 13 ugly?
No, but I wouldn't say he's hot either, b/c that's just wierd...he's my brother-in-law.
Is number 1 cute?
Well of course he is!
Tell something about number 11.
Very, very loving mother...I trust her completely with my children.
How do you know number 8?
Oh Cheeto and I go way back. We met at LCU her freshman year, my sophomore year. I didn't like her at first. She seemed snootie. It's funny how you become great friends with the people you never see yourself being friends with. We are still great friends. In fact we have a date this Sunday night together.
What would you do if number 6 confessed they liked you?
Before or after she dated our mother???
Tell a fact about number 9.
Hates 80's music...she just doesn't know what she's missing out on.
Who is number 4 going out with?
Well she has an on again-off again relationship with Madagasgar. She most recently has become very fond of the little neighbor boy. He's an older man...3 years her senior. They like to play together. And the funny thing is that he has one of those names that someone ruined for you. You know what I mean?
What does number 5 do for a living?
I would have to go with eat. That boy can put the food down! If we got payed for all that he ate, we'd be millionaires. We could probably add poop to that answer too...yes, eat and poop.
What do you think about number 3?
I was kind of worried about her being a mom, but all hope has been restored, for now anyways. No, I'm kidding. I love my sister a whole lot. We have a lot of fun, and I look forward to sharing motherhood with her, b/c I know she is going to be funny!
Where does number 7 live?
In Slaton...home of the Tigers.
Is number 1 single?
Hands off Ladies!
Would you ever live with number 13?
Not unless Suzanne was living here too, in which case I would kill myself. Love my sisters, but don't want to live with them anymore.
What do you like about number 12?
Her genuine, caring heart. She always has concern for others.
Favorite memory about number 2?
Probably when she was 7 months pregnant with Jenny and we were driving to Brownwood for a family reunion. We decided to take a short cut and there was water on the road. So my aunt and Suzanne walked through it to see how deep it was. It didn't look very deep, well that was very deceiving, b/c she sunk the car. We couldn't open the mom and I had to crawl out the windows to get out. Keep in mind she was 7 months pregnant. Then we had to walk about 2 miles in the July heat to get to a house to use the phone. It was my grandparents car. The fish smell never went away. I don't think she'll ever live that one down.
Do you love number 2?
So much!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Too Cute...and other random thoughts

Yesterday was my mom's 55th birthday...Happy Birthday Mom!!! We went to Colt and Suzanne's house last night and had cake. Kyle got to meet Ryder for the first time. I really didn't think he would be that impressed with him. I thought Madi would be the one who just fell in love with him. Well, Kyle was just obsessed with him. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. When I was holding him, he would come up to me and try to hug Ryder and say, "hold you, hold you baby". In his voice he just wanted him so bad. It was precious. My sister was like, "oh Kyle needs a little brother" Fortunately I know what those cute little things turn into...very cute, but lots and lots of work!!!

On a completely random all need to try the raspberry tea from Sonic. I can not get enough of the stuff. I would rather have that than Dr. Pepper. It is so good...maybe the best thing ever.

Another completely random thought...I am about to throw Nathan's cell phone out the door. Since I have been sitting here, it has rang 5 times, and he has the most annoying ring. He programed it to say, "Mr. Manweiler please answer the grey courtesy phone" I don't know how to turn the dumb thing off either. And it's all his high school buddies calling, so I know it's not anything real serious.

Oh I got a gift certificate today...$30 to Carino's. The other day I got $25 to Bath and Body Works. How awesome is that! They were from clients...that is one big perk of my job.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks to everyone who has asked about my grandad, which I now realize I have mispelling. I always thought there were two d's in grandad. Anyways, well I guess things are as good as they can be. He was released to the nursing home on Monday. Sometime Tuesday he fell and had to have stitches in his forehead. Back in the day he was 6'8" He is now 6'5"...which is still very tall. You know how old people shrink. They weighed him in the hospital, and he weighs 133 pounds. So a big gust of wind could literally knock him over. He is just so wobbily, so he is in a wheelchair, but he tried to get out and fell. I think the hardest part is that, I just don't want to see him suffer. I know that we all have to go at some point and although that is hard, it can be dealt with, but to see him hurt himself and detiorate is so hard. I just feel bad for him. I talked to my mom today and my grandmother has decided to move in to the nursing home. They aren't going to share a room, I just don't think there is room for them to share a room. Maybe at some point they will live in the same room, but for now she is across the hall from him. She is doing self pay for the first 90 days, so she can come and go. My grandad can't leave for 90 days. There are so many legalities with all that. My grandmother said that she feels very good about this decision. We are just all grateful that she has been so easy to deal with and hasn't made this whole transition any more difficult.

It's always nice when something sad like this happens, that there are always those moments in life that give us a reason to smile. For example Ryder's birth, or my youngest sister getting arrested. Nathan called me at work yesterday, and told me that Jenny got arrested and I almost fell out of my chair laughing. She had a ticket that she was SUPPOSED to have paid for, but alas she did not and she got a warrant. I can't judge her, b/c I too was a wanted delinquent for a speeding ticket, but I sure can laugh at her. I just made sure to turn the corner fast when I saw a cop coming so they wouldn't run my plates. Anyways, it gets funnier...they came to her work. The Slaton police knew she had a warrant and saw her once and warned her to take care of it or else...well they snitched on her to the Lubbock police and they came and picked her up at work in front of her boss. (She works at Channel 13 and Channel 28...she's a camera girl) They didn't cuff her, and they even let her ride in the front seat. She said she was really nervous, and she forgot to put her seatbelt on and he said, "ma'am please don't give me another reason to give you another ticket." Fortunately she had the money to pay for it when she got down to the precinct. So she never actually spent time in jail, but I still like to refer to her as "Jailbird Jenny"

So while it has been an emotional week, it is nice to see the humor in life, even at the expense of Jenny. Thanks again for the prayers! Have a nice week!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More pics...

Playing house

The proud aunt and cousin.
Well now that I have a little time and have had some sleep I thought I'd write a little more. This has been a crazy week. We knew that Suzanne would be induced on Friday, but we didn't think she would make it that long. She suprised us all! Earlier in the week, I got a call from family that my granddad had had a heard attack and had to be airlifted from Post to Lubbock. They put a stint in and we thought we was doing okay and would be out of the hospital by thursday. About midnight wednesday night, they had to do emergency surgery and put another stint in. He is doing much better now, physically. However, psychologically, he has been having pretty bad episodes. I have not been a witness to the anger, but have heard lots of stories. Wednesday night it took 5 nurses and one doctor to restrain him. And that's the really sad part, they usually have to keep him restrained in the bed all the time, so he won't hurt himself. Yesterday for a while he wasn't restrained, and he pulled out his catheter. He should be there through Monday, and then he will be checked into the nursing home in Post. My grandmother is handling all this really well. Fortunately, she only lives one block from the nursing home, and she loves to visit over there. So she'll probably enjoy getting to spend so much time over there. I don't know how he is going to handle it. I'm not sure that he understands what is happening. I got to spend an hour or so alone with him the other day. They took the restraints off of him since I was going to be there, and he was just being so sweet, and like the granddad I remember. The hard part is that I just don't think I have emotionally prepared for this. We all know there comes a time in our lives when others do get old and detiorate physically and mentally, but it all seems to have happened so fast. I really hope that my grandmother does do okay with him being gone. I can't imagine them sleeping apart. You know those couples who are attached at the hip, that's my grandparents. My granddad is the man who always makes the deviled eggs for potlucks. The one who never misses church. He is also the one who says the "church of christ prayer", guide guard and direct, next appointed time, etc. :) You probably know someone just like him...or have a granddad like that. I love him dearly...

But what better thing to have happen to make everyone smile than a new baby!!! oh man. How is it that people can come from the same two parents and be soooo different??? We laugh when people say we're just alike, b/c that is the farthest thing from the truth. Of course you all know how sweet I am, so I don't want you to think that I'm speaking ill of my sister, but she is just so outspoken. And well I'll just put it this way, we have been ready for all those "pregnancy hormones" to leave her body, so that maybe she'll be a little less grouchy. Yesterday, when everything was done, she seemed to be in great spirits. She was getting ready for them to clean him up, b/c she had all the clothes she wanted to put on him. None of which included anything from the hospital. (receiving blankets, beanie) She brought her own and he would not be wearing the "ugly" hospital ones. I am happy for her though, for those of you who don't know her baby that she had this time 2 years ago was stillborn. She was 6 months pregnant, and she (the baby) had a disorder that eventually took her life. However, with all the legal stuff of how old a fetus is, she still had to deliever her knowing she had already died. Wasn't exactly a fun time for anyone, and she has been an emotionally trooper. I don't think I could have made it through such a hard time, so I have to give her a little slack, b/c this baby is hers and Colt and they've worked really hard to get him here safe and healthy. Anyways....please keep my family in our prayers, and my granddad. I will post more pics when we go back to the hospital. Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Proup Papa
Snug as a bug!
Suzanne, Patti (Colt's mom) and Ryder
Mim (my mom) and Ryder
Well he finally made it! Jonathan Ryder Scott made his entrance into the world on July 14th at 5:19p.m. He ended up weighing 7pounds and much for our predictions of a big baby. He is really precious and everyone is doing well. Her labor went great, no problems at all. I can't wait to play with him and baby sit...and then send him home! I'm taking Madi up to the hospital tomorrow. So I'll have lots more pictures! As for myself I am exhausted. I am nearly incoherent. I stayed at the hospital last night with them and slept on the hardwood floor. If you consider that sleep. And I was up there most of the day...I just didn't want to miss out! Anyways, he is here, and we are all so happy. What a blessed day!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fun on the Fourth

Madi and her sparklers. Kyle didn't quite understand the concept, he just wanted to touch the end of it.

Miss 4th of July

Fun at Mim and Pop's

It's amazing how a slip and slide can be so entertaining.

My little tubby buddy
This one is kind of dark, but I thought it was cute.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Great Weekend

Well I wanted to post all the pics from the 4th of July weekend, but I just realized that my camera is in Kyle's bag, which is in his closet...and he is in bed. And it's just not worth it to me to walk in there and possibly wake him. So I'll post them tomorrow. We had so much fun this past weekend and on the 4th. Madi and I made a cake together. She kept asking who's birthday it was. On monday we went out to my parents house and the kids played on the slip and slide and then Madi spent the night with my mom. Kyle and I came back to town and went and got the stuff to finish his room. When we moved into this house (11 months ago) we painted everything in the house, but didn't get everything finished. I have all the bedrooms with paint on the walls, but not "finished" so for his birthday my parents are getting his bedroom done. I got the rest of the paint on the walls, but I still have to get the chair rail. My dad is going to do that. I can paint all day, but carpentry isn't exactly my expertise.

On the 4th we went to the park with a bunch of friends and cooked out and played volleyball. Then we drove out to Wolfforth and did fireworks. It was a really fun night. We were all exhausted by the time we got home.

On another note, I found a place that I really like for my kids. Madi is having so much fun. They are really focused on education and curriculum. On every tuesday they go to the library for story hour and check out a book. For the rest of the summer on thursdays Madi's class goes to the pool to swim, and the little kids play in the sprinklers back at the center. They also do lots of field trips when they do different units. They do one on transportation and take the kids to the bus station and drive them to the mall. Little kids on field trips is so funny!!! So everything is working out...Kyle is doing well too. We have had no problems with him, no crying...except at 5 when mom's start picking the kids up b/c he knows it's time to go and he's ready to see me! They aren't affiliated with a church, but they do teach christian values. When I dropped them off Wednesday morning as I was leaving, they were working on their Bible story and prayers. It made me smile. I consider myself a faithful person, but it can be so hard to let go of control. I get so busy in my day to day life, and it's so easy to try to control every aspect of your life. My children are blessings from God, so why wouldn't He want the best for them??? Of course He does, so He will provide!!!

Well I hope you all had a great 4th and were able to spend time with family and friends!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Church was really good this morning. Dr. Joiner preached for Barry and it's been since college since I heard him speak. He talked about how we make things in our lives our altars. He talked a lot about always trying to keep up with the newest car, getting a bigger, better house, and how we all fall victim to that, instead of making Christ our focus and allowing him to transform our thinking. I know that's true and it's a thought that we have all been presented with a thousand times, but it really hit me hard this morning. I always find myself thing, "well if we could just get that, or just do this, or get this new..." And I'm even talking about things that we need, not just the things that we want. I think I really make money my altar. I get so focused on getting more money to pay this off, or to pay that off that I lose my focus. If we could keep our focus on Christ and allow him to transform us, then he would bless us beyond our imaginations could fathom. I am really going to do my best to change my thinking, and keep my focus on allowing myself to be transformed by Christ.

He told a funny story about this youth intern that he had when he was in junior high that was from LCU. He made the whole church get up and march around the church and sing, "We're Marching to Zion" and then one Sunday he jumped up on the communion table. He was soon fired. Dr. Joiner referred to the communion table as the ark of the covenant for the church of christ. That is soooo true!!!!! I never thought of that!

I really like church at Monterey. I think every sunday there is something that is said that yes, I am a little surprised that it was said, but I am not bothered by it. But I think that is why I like Monterey. I think the focus of Christ is there, but the legalism isn't there. I love the worship, I love the singing, and I really enjoy Barry as a preacher. Nathan likes church there too, but he just wants me to be happy, and I don't want it to be all about me. I want this to be about my family. I know that will take some time and growth for that to happen. Nathan and I grew up in very different church backgrounds as far as the "C of C's" go. He is from Sunset and I'm a P.K. that has been at many different churches from very conservative to not so conservative. I was very involved in high school at our chuch, and that molded a lot of my thinking about what I could do and couldn't do at far as being a girl.

I do have to get used to being at a big church. That is one thing that is harder for me. In September, we are splitting to 3 services, so I think that will help some, b/c I feel like I never see any of the same people. Monterey has been blessed so much by growth and I really can see why. I think it is such a welcoming place that people from all backgrounds can come and be a part of.

Class in another story. I am c0-teaching this quarter in Madi's class. It seems like every week when it's my turn to teach I have a brat in the class that has never been there before. I question if God is trying to teach me patience...I have a 4 year old, and a 23 month old...I have lots of patience. This little girl ran out the class twice, and climbed on the table twice, and whined and complained the entire hour. We were making crowns and one little girl told the annoying girl that her crown was pretty and I didn't hear her say this, but she said that Madi said, "no it's not, it's ugly". I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Madi did tell her that, b/c I really wanted to tell her that too, b/c she was so annoying, but I was trying to be compassionate. You don't ever really know what's going on in their home lives that make them that way...Or maybe she's just a brat.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 4th!

It's so nice to know that someone reads this, b/c Lisa just emailed me and asked for an update. Yes, I know people read this, b/c they leave comments, but you know what I mean. It's nice to know that there are people out there who care what is going on in my life!

Wells lets see...I left work at about 2 on Friday. It was the last day of the month which is crazy for the mortgage business, but we have gotten ourselves really caught up. I think we are working out a really good system, and praise God for that. My sanity has now returned. I am also taking monday off and we are closed on tuesday. So I am enjoying the mini vacation. No big plans, we still want to go to Dallas, but I am afraid those plans will have take a back seat at least until August, when Nathan should slow down a bit. Which is the absolute greatest time to be walking around in the heat in Dallas, right??? Nathan worked all day complaints here, we all miss him but we take advantage of the busy time, b/c it does slow down a lot in the fall and winter.

I was sitting outside with the kids today. There are two little boys who live 2 houses down from us that always ride their bikes down our sidewalk. The younger one who is 7 will talk to Madi. Well that is when he's not "too mature" for her. Sometimes he teases Madi and won't give her the time of day, which she is not use to at all. We were out there today, and she asked him, "where's your brother, is he at home or is he dead?" I hope he doesn't tell him mom. That is so Madi to say something random like that, and completely blunt.

I am trying to figure out the whole day care problem right now. My mother in law is looking for a job, so I am out of a sitter. I have them registered for Sunset next year, but that leaves the other 3 days out of the week with nothing. I had a sitter, but when Nathan's parents moved back, Neva started watching them. She said she wanted to watch them when she got a job. Well now she won't return any of our calls. Grow up!!! If you don't want to watch them that's fine, but answer your phone and just tell me the truth. Child care is such a dilema. I swore, practically that I would never put my children in "day care" meaning, a place you took them. If it was someone house that was okay, but I just don't want to take them to a place that resembles an institution for the mentally insane. I am looking into a few places, and I am going to be really sad if my kids don't get to go to Sunset or Greenlawn next year, but I don't know what else to do. If any body had any suggestions or ideas, or knows someone in Lubbock that wants to keep my two babies on the opposite days of when Greenlawn or Sunset has school, please let me know.

Anyways, other than that, things are good. Just looking forward to the holiday and time off. Well my laptop is about to die, so I better go. Happy 4th of July!!!!!!