Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good news!

I forgot to post our good news yesterday! We took Kyle to the ENT last Tuesday for his post op appointment, and the tubes are working great. There isn't any fluid behind them, and everything looks perfect. They tested his hearing and everything is normal!!!! We are so thankful and relieved!!!! He has been talking sooo well. You can actually have a conversation with him. It's wonderful!!! Our prayers have been answered.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Well I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed it. The break was so nice and needed. I have been so stressed with all of this transititioning that we're doing right now. There are just so many details to work out, most of which are computer related, and that is oh so not my area of expertise. It look me over an hour to finally figure out how to put links onto my blog. I just find technical things very frustrating.

Anyways, so I'm STILL at Coldwell Banker. I am really hoping this is my last week. If everything would go according to planned then I would be out of here by wednesday, but when you're trying to do something like that, nothing and no one cooperates!

I will start part time at my new office next week. Gina, the girl I worked with, along with Nathan and Eric have partnered up and opened a net branch of a mortgage company. So I am doing contract processing for the mortgage company. It will give a lot more flexibility, and we don't have a boss!!! Which is nice.

So those are my new plans. I've been keeping it under wraps for some time, b/c we just weren't ready to tell people until things started closing down here.

I had to take my laptop to the office until I get a new computer, so I can only blog from work and check email from there too. It's amazing how we become so dependent on technology. I hate not having a computer at home!

Okay, so this is a little of subject, but I have to share. Yesterday at church, they showed a video of 4 different kinds of thanksgiving prayers. The first one was of what you would call a normal family, all together with a big meal. They had a "normal" thanksgiving prayer. The second was of an elderly couple and the wife was pretty much gone mentally and just staring at the wall. The husband prayed how thankful we was for the years they had together and how blessed they were. The third was of a handicapped man getting his t.v. dinner out of the microwave and wheeling himself into the living room and eating dinner with his two dogs. You could tell he didn't have much, but his prayer was all about how God has blessed him and carried him through a hard time. The last was a scene of a young mother tucking her daughter in bed. She cried out to God about how this had been a really hard year and how they knew that God was there to get them through. You then see a picture of the father sitting on the bedside table and he is in Iraq.

I was really hoping that was the last clip, b/c I couldn't handle anymore. I was already crying by the time I saw the handicapped man that was alone, and then the the next one just killed me. Barry then used the words to the song, "Blessed Be Your Name." If you haven't heard the song it's about how regardless the situation, we need to praise God. In good times and in bad. He talked about Romans 8:28 (I don't have my bible with me, or I'd quote it) but how all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. It's so hard to see that sometimes. Pain happens, people die, hearts get broken...we will never be immuned to suffering until we are united with Christ, but God did promise that He would be with us, and He would carry us through. It was one of the best sermons I've heard, and I think it just really spoke to me in a big way. Mine was the edited version, his was much better, but hopefully you get the point.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Somewhere between Lubbock and Spearman I lost my memory card.(agghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!) Fortunately I have downloaded all my pics already. I wanted to take lots of family pics (of each family) b/c I don't have many, but I wasn't the photographer and the day kind of got away from us. We're a little different on the Manweiler- Cooper side. We usually do Christmas in the summer, but this summer it just didn't work for us to be together. So we had a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. So we got to open presents! Anyways, these are all the grandkids on this side. They all look alike, they could be brothers and sister (no sisters...yet!) We'll find out about that in January! Anyways, they are a fun crew. And this year Nathan's real father's (not to discount anything from Ned, he is a great step-father) parents came and spent the holidays with us. This is only the second time we've got to be around them, and it was really great. They are a lot of fun. Anyways, we had a great holidays. I kind of don't want to return to the real world! It has been a very nice break! We have to leave tomorrow. Well I hope all of you had a great Turkey day! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
We ALL have so much to be thankful for!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Madi's Thanksgiving Program

Here are few pics from Madi's Thanksgiving program. She was very cute, and Nathan and I both enjoyed getting to be there with her!

Our doorbell rang this afternoon and the little neighbor boy said, "uh you have a balloon on top of your house." We looked outside and yes, we did. I was giving the kids baths so by the time we got outside and I got the camera it was just above our neighbors house. We don't actually know what happened to it. It looked like it was going to land in the church parking lot behind our neighborhood. It was pretty neat.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ya know I don't know why I said that I was going to enjoy this pregnancy. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, but my body just does not enjoy pregnancy. It didn't enjoy the first two, so I don't know why I thought it would be different this time. I guess I was just trying to be positive or it was wishful thinking.

I have had two good days, so I am thankful for that. But that may be coming to an end. The jalapeno chips that I ate for lunch aren't sitting so well with me. And I knew better when I got them, but they just sounded so good. It can be really hard living from meal to meal. That's how I feel sometimes. And I have to really think about food and analyze how it's going to make me feel. It's exhausting!!!

My hormones have just been a little wacky too. This morning, I locked myself out of the house and conveniently left my cell phone inside. I've been a little weepy too. Just the littlest things are making me sad. I'm just ready for the Thankgiving break. I am ready to get out of town and just be around family.

I went to the doctor today for my first appointment. Everything was good. I have lost a little bit of weight. But that's generally the trend for me. I found out something interesting. Did you know at Covenant Lakeside since it is on "blessed ground" you can not have a tubal done after you deliver? I am going to have to wait 6 weeks and then go back into Covenant, b/c that is the part that does tubals. She was saying something about how their trying to get the archbishop to override that rule, but for now that's the way it is. That's crazy to me. I thought when they changed to Covenant, they weren't Catholic anymore. I was just really wanting to get all of that done at the same time, but it's not looking that way. If you have a c-section they can go ahead and do the tubal, but if it's just the old fashioned way, they won't do it. Which I don't understand the logic at all...oh well.

Not a whole lot else is going on. I'm still at work. I am so bored and I have no one to talk to! I got here at 10a.m., left at noon for lunch. Went home and ate and took a nap. I am back now, and will probably leave in an hour. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, b/c next week is a short week, and then I will just have a few days, and I will be done for good. I just feel that this is dragging on forever! This too shall pass!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am so glad to be home!!! Or at least be out of the car! We went to Oklahoma this weekend for the Tech game. It was a lot of fun. Yeah, we lost but it was fun. Ya know if Tech only had to play 3 quarters, they'd win a lot more often. It was freezing at the game, and we were the only Tech fans in our section. Well I say that. We were the only ones until after the first quarter and then 3 of the drunkest guys I've ever seen showed up. And of course they were Tech fans. Before the half was over they had already been escorted out. One had to go to jail b/c he was fighting with the cop. They did provide a lot of entertainment though, until it kind of started to turn ugly. The OU fans were all really nice, they just wanted to watch the game without being harassed.

So we drove from Spearman (where Nathan's parents live) to Norman, and then back to Spearman that night. We got back to their house at 4a.m. this morning. We slept while they took the kids to church and then had lunch with them and came home. It was a lot of fun, but man I feel like a zombie now. I wish I had a day to recooperate before going back to work. The nice thing is that I will go get my stuff done, and probably come home early. What are they going to do, fire me??? :) I have to meet back with my boss on Wednesday to go over some more stuff with him, and then we'll discuss getting things closed down. I am staying later that everyone to help him finalize everything. Zach has already gone, and Gina will probably work tomorrow and that will be it. It's kind of wierd. It's so quiet back there. I'm really just ready to get all of this over with and be done.

I'm excited, my kids are going back to Sunset. At first they didn't have room for Madi, but a spot opened up. They won't be able to go there next year, b/c Sunset doesn't take babies, and I will probably be working 2 days a week. I wanted them to finish there this year though, b/c Madi had gone there ever since she was 2 1/2 and so she'll get to be with all her old friends and "graduate" with them. And then she'll be in Kindergarten next year................ahhhh so hard to believe!!!!!!

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving. Chad and Traci and their boys will be in Spearman on Saturday, and then we'll head down on next Wednesday. The kids are going to have so much fun with each other. They're ages are evenly spaced out 5,4,3,2,1. While I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone, I am very excited about the food. My mother in law is a wonderful cook, and well what can I say. I'm pregnant and turkey and dressing...etc, has been sounding so good. I've already been to Furr's once for it, and I get to eat it twice this week for different parties. I can't seem to get enough. Anyways, well I hope you all have a good week.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Big News!!!

Well happy Tuesday to everyone. I hope you all did your patriotic duty and went and voted. I was going to, I had the best intentions, b/c I am a big believer in voting, but I didn't get it done. If you read on, you'll understand why. And the sad thing is, I couldn't decide who to vote for. I'm a usual straight ticket voter, but man this election year was tough. I'm not a Rick Perry fan. I don't think I could vote democratic. I don't really like that crazy grandma, b/c well she seems crazy. And then Kinky...I just couldn't bring myself to unite with all the other pot smokers of Texas. So I chose the weinee way out and did not voice my opinion.

Anyways, well first, I hope you are not all shocked by the news of Britney and KFed's breakup. My day has been ruined. Not really....

Well on to my big news. Well yesterday Gina, the girl I work with resigned from her position as loan officer. I was not surprised. I knew it was coming. What I didn't expect was to get a call from my boss last night letting us know that he has decided to shut down the mortgage company. To be honest, this is an answered prayer for us. We were going to be making some decisions at some point about what we were going to do, since just took those decisions away and made it a lot easier on us! I will work through the end of the month, and then be on my way. It has been an exhausting day. I'm just tired emotionally. But my spirits are up. I am excited to have Christmas and be home with my family, and most of all TAKE MY KIDS OUT OF DAYCARE!!!! I can not wait. I think I will probably cry for like 5 days, b/c I am so happy. I am not going back to work full time. I have some things in the works, that I am very excited about. I will be able to work from home some, and I will just have a more flexible schedule. So no sad tears here. Only happy ones. It has been a very long day, but a good one. And I'm so thankful for the answers I have been waiting for. Some of you might remember back in September when I wrote about waiting, and I was just so frustrated. Well this is what I was waiting for...God answered me in a big way.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, but I had the opportunity to write now, so I thought I'd better take advantage of it.

Nathan and I have been married 5 years...it is really hard to believe. So much has changed over these past years and we have both grown so much as individuals and as a couple. He is so special to me for many reasons. First of all, he is one of the funniest people I know. He can always makes me laugh. He has the oddest sense of humor, and I kind of do too, so it works well. Nathan is also a very good dad. He knows how to make his kids feel important and special. He knows how to make me feel special too. He pulls out all the stops for me on holidays and birthdays. And that's definately something that I am not as good at. He goes above and beyond. He is a wonderful provider and leader. I never have to worry. I know that his family is his top priority and he would do whatever he had to do to make sure his family had what they needed. Nathan's quest for new opportunities blows my mind! He is always coming up with new ideas for businesses and inventions. Some aren't as great as others, but they do give me a good laugh. (the nicotine toothpick is probably one of my favorites) He is a fun person to dream with!

Nathan and I have known each other for a long time, and back when I was 18 and he was 15, I would have never guessed that someday we would be married. Never, never, never...ya know they say to never say that. He has brought so much joy to my life, and two (soon to be three!) beautiful & delightful children. I am so lucky. It's funny...when I was younger I knew someday I wanted to be married and have kids, but I just didn't know about my life. I couldn't picture it. Well now that I have those things, it's so much better than I ever thought it would be. I love you Nathan! Happy Anniversary! And may God bless us with many more happy years!

Happy Halloween

One tired Elmo
At Colt and Suzanne's house with Ryder

We really had a great Halloween. This was the first year both kids really had a lot of fun. Madi role played the entire night. I was Auntie Em and Nathan was Uncle Henry. Kyle was hilarious in his Elmo outfit. It was a fun time! Now onto Thanksgiving...it will be here before we know it. I am really looking forward to the food!!!!