Sunday, September 07, 2008

Quick note...

I'm sitting here having a little bit of quiet. It probably won't last much longer, but it's amazing how much you can tune out when you put head phones on...hahaha. "I'm sorry, what did you say, I was listening to my music." My mom watches that show John and Kate, plus 8...or something like that. She said the dad wears ear plugs a lot, and the mom has just learned to tune it all out. You kind of have to every once in a while.

I actually got a nap today. Mason slept good, and I laid down with Kyle so that he would go to sleep. It was nice. So now I feel refreshed.

We had church was the big start of going to three services. I thought it went over really well. I still managed to get out to my car by noon. And I'm soooo happy, because children's church started back today. So my sanity has been restored.

I had a hard time not being a ball of emotion this morning at church, because of everything. All in a good way though, I wasn't down or anything. I was just thinking about how people have touched me and continue to do so, and how blessed I really am. This morning one of my friends told me that she knew I was supposed to host bunco this month (which means there is a meal to pay for and gifts) and she was going to take care of it all for me. I was kind of nervous about being at church, because I knew there were several people that knew about everything and I again, just don't know what to say sometimes.

Last weekend I got to go to the Tech game. Mom watched the kids all day for me. That was the first Tech game I had been two in almost two years. The last game was when Nathan and I drove to Norman for the Tech OU game. I swore off Tech football. SuzAnne had to go buy me a shirt to wear, because I had gotten rid of anything red and black or Tech related. I had decided to have a ceremonial burning of all things Tech in my backyard. Fortunately, I stopped myself before I started the fire. Me and open flames probably aren't a good thing. :)

I was sitting at the game and just thinking about how much life had changed. I wasn't sad about it all, just reflecting. And thinking about how appreciative I am to have had my life open up so much. I've made so many new friends and had so many great experiences through such a great hardship. And furthermore, I'm happy to have the life I have.

The only thing that has stunk about the passed couple of days is that I got a ticket!!! I wasn't speeding. I was just sitting at the light Friday after lunch and a cop happened to notice my registration was out. So pulled me over. Blah...oh well.

Just my thoughts...have a great rest of the's almost over!


Blogger Preston Belt, Beautiful Downtown Lockney, Texas said...

Hope you don't mind me leaving a message here. I first found your blog on Trey Morgan's. I hate to hear about your hardship. Just keep up the faith. God works in all things. You are in my prayers. Oh yeah! Don't give up on the Red Raiders! I have been a fan for over 20 years. The funny thing is the only game I care if they win or lose is the aggie game! LOL! I have sat through way too many of those north Texas losses! LOL!

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