Monday, November 27, 2006

Well I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed it. The break was so nice and needed. I have been so stressed with all of this transititioning that we're doing right now. There are just so many details to work out, most of which are computer related, and that is oh so not my area of expertise. It look me over an hour to finally figure out how to put links onto my blog. I just find technical things very frustrating.

Anyways, so I'm STILL at Coldwell Banker. I am really hoping this is my last week. If everything would go according to planned then I would be out of here by wednesday, but when you're trying to do something like that, nothing and no one cooperates!

I will start part time at my new office next week. Gina, the girl I worked with, along with Nathan and Eric have partnered up and opened a net branch of a mortgage company. So I am doing contract processing for the mortgage company. It will give a lot more flexibility, and we don't have a boss!!! Which is nice.

So those are my new plans. I've been keeping it under wraps for some time, b/c we just weren't ready to tell people until things started closing down here.

I had to take my laptop to the office until I get a new computer, so I can only blog from work and check email from there too. It's amazing how we become so dependent on technology. I hate not having a computer at home!

Okay, so this is a little of subject, but I have to share. Yesterday at church, they showed a video of 4 different kinds of thanksgiving prayers. The first one was of what you would call a normal family, all together with a big meal. They had a "normal" thanksgiving prayer. The second was of an elderly couple and the wife was pretty much gone mentally and just staring at the wall. The husband prayed how thankful we was for the years they had together and how blessed they were. The third was of a handicapped man getting his t.v. dinner out of the microwave and wheeling himself into the living room and eating dinner with his two dogs. You could tell he didn't have much, but his prayer was all about how God has blessed him and carried him through a hard time. The last was a scene of a young mother tucking her daughter in bed. She cried out to God about how this had been a really hard year and how they knew that God was there to get them through. You then see a picture of the father sitting on the bedside table and he is in Iraq.

I was really hoping that was the last clip, b/c I couldn't handle anymore. I was already crying by the time I saw the handicapped man that was alone, and then the the next one just killed me. Barry then used the words to the song, "Blessed Be Your Name." If you haven't heard the song it's about how regardless the situation, we need to praise God. In good times and in bad. He talked about Romans 8:28 (I don't have my bible with me, or I'd quote it) but how all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. It's so hard to see that sometimes. Pain happens, people die, hearts get broken...we will never be immuned to suffering until we are united with Christ, but God did promise that He would be with us, and He would carry us through. It was one of the best sermons I've heard, and I think it just really spoke to me in a big way. Mine was the edited version, his was much better, but hopefully you get the point.


Blogger Neva said...

Sounds like a powerful, life changing sermon. Those are the kinds we never forget.

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