Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks to everyone who has asked about my grandad, which I now realize I have mispelling. I always thought there were two d's in grandad. Anyways, well I guess things are as good as they can be. He was released to the nursing home on Monday. Sometime Tuesday he fell and had to have stitches in his forehead. Back in the day he was 6'8" He is now 6'5"...which is still very tall. You know how old people shrink. They weighed him in the hospital, and he weighs 133 pounds. So a big gust of wind could literally knock him over. He is just so wobbily, so he is in a wheelchair, but he tried to get out and fell. I think the hardest part is that, I just don't want to see him suffer. I know that we all have to go at some point and although that is hard, it can be dealt with, but to see him hurt himself and detiorate is so hard. I just feel bad for him. I talked to my mom today and my grandmother has decided to move in to the nursing home. They aren't going to share a room, I just don't think there is room for them to share a room. Maybe at some point they will live in the same room, but for now she is across the hall from him. She is doing self pay for the first 90 days, so she can come and go. My grandad can't leave for 90 days. There are so many legalities with all that. My grandmother said that she feels very good about this decision. We are just all grateful that she has been so easy to deal with and hasn't made this whole transition any more difficult.

It's always nice when something sad like this happens, that there are always those moments in life that give us a reason to smile. For example Ryder's birth, or my youngest sister getting arrested. Nathan called me at work yesterday, and told me that Jenny got arrested and I almost fell out of my chair laughing. She had a ticket that she was SUPPOSED to have paid for, but alas she did not and she got a warrant. I can't judge her, b/c I too was a wanted delinquent for a speeding ticket, but I sure can laugh at her. I just made sure to turn the corner fast when I saw a cop coming so they wouldn't run my plates. Anyways, it gets funnier...they came to her work. The Slaton police knew she had a warrant and saw her once and warned her to take care of it or else...well they snitched on her to the Lubbock police and they came and picked her up at work in front of her boss. (She works at Channel 13 and Channel 28...she's a camera girl) They didn't cuff her, and they even let her ride in the front seat. She said she was really nervous, and she forgot to put her seatbelt on and he said, "ma'am please don't give me another reason to give you another ticket." Fortunately she had the money to pay for it when she got down to the precinct. So she never actually spent time in jail, but I still like to refer to her as "Jailbird Jenny"

So while it has been an emotional week, it is nice to see the humor in life, even at the expense of Jenny. Thanks again for the prayers! Have a nice week!


Blogger Jenny said...

I have to admit, Jenny Beth's brush with the law was funny. We were in that situation once when we were coming home from Arlington. Do you remember? We got pulled over in Post and they let us follow the cop car into Post. Then they let Tim take me to have money wired to get him out. Then I drove his car home and bent one of the fenders. We can laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny at the time.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

WOW! How embarassing! I am praying for your grandad. You look beautiful in those pics. Still missin yo face.

10:35 PM  

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