Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well I made it back from San Antonio. It was so HOT! I forget how lucky we are to have the dry heat, as opposed to humidity. Some may like the humidity better, but not me. I can't hardly breathe in that stuff. The training was really good for me. It helped me alot, and gave me more confidence in what I am doing at work. My flight was delayed a couple of hours on the way home, and I think the air conditioner quit working in the San Antonio airport, so we all stunk...but all in all it was good. I even had a friend with me on the flight to Dallas. John (Sheila likes me to leave out last names) so the John of "John and Sheila" AKA the assistant dean of LCU was on the plane with me. It was nice to have a friendly face on there.

Things at work are much better. They are in the process of hiring another processor and in the mean time they have one of the receptionists helping me, until they can get someone else in there. And this time, I don't think we'll have to worry about them quitting.

We went to a birthday party today for Marli (Kemp) It was a lot of fun. Well, I guess I should say it was a lot of fun for kids. I left muddy, wet, and sweatty. It was a swimming party and they had several different little pools and a big slide. Madi and Kyle had a blast. Madi never even stopped to eat lunch and the only problem we had was when Kyle thought it would be a great idea to eat his hot dog while swimming. I'm pretty laid back, but that's just discusting to see a shredded up hot dog bun in a pool. So he was pretty mad when I wouldn't let him. I changed him out of his swimming trunks and back into his regular clothes, b/c we were going to be leaving soon, and all of a sudden he's back in the pool. Ya know, what can you do??? There are just times when you have to get over some things and chill out when you have kids. He wasn't hurting anyone, and he was having a great time, so we just went with it. He kept stealing everyone's hot dogs off their plates though. I thought Marli was going to take him down one time. It's Brad Kemps daughter...I don't know him really well, but the stories alone are enough. So I quickly gave the hot dog back. I took my camera, and I was having some issues, so I only got one picture and I'm not even sure yet how good it is. I might post it later. Anyways, they had great fun and came home exhausted. Well Kyle did...he's still asleep. Madi my sleepless child, who used be the best sleeper, did not take a nap. I don't know how she does it anymore. If she can ever hold still long enough she will fall asleep. Getting her to hold still is the problem. She's always going 90 miles per hour. The other night, I'm not even sure if she went to sleep. She came into our room at 1, and then again at 4. I woke up at 6:30 her light was on, her t.v. was on, and she was playing. I made her lay down and about 10 minutes later she had fallen asleep and slept until about 10. That has to be a Nathan trait, b/c I value my sleep sooooo much.

Well I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Blogger Robyn said...

Glad your trip was great! And, if you think the humidity in San Antonio is bad, just come visit me in MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA!!! The humidity is DREADFUL here!! I don't think I'll ever get used to it!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Glad all is well. We are in East Texas right now and experiencing that humidity. I am just not real cute these days!!! See you when we get back!!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Sorry I missed you when we were in town for a few minutes. It would have been great to see you!!
I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!!

10:49 PM  

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