Friday, July 14, 2006


Proup Papa
Snug as a bug!
Suzanne, Patti (Colt's mom) and Ryder
Mim (my mom) and Ryder
Well he finally made it! Jonathan Ryder Scott made his entrance into the world on July 14th at 5:19p.m. He ended up weighing 7pounds and much for our predictions of a big baby. He is really precious and everyone is doing well. Her labor went great, no problems at all. I can't wait to play with him and baby sit...and then send him home! I'm taking Madi up to the hospital tomorrow. So I'll have lots more pictures! As for myself I am exhausted. I am nearly incoherent. I stayed at the hospital last night with them and slept on the hardwood floor. If you consider that sleep. And I was up there most of the day...I just didn't want to miss out! Anyways, he is here, and we are all so happy. What a blessed day!


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