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Church was really good this morning. Dr. Joiner preached for Barry and it's been since college since I heard him speak. He talked about how we make things in our lives our altars. He talked a lot about always trying to keep up with the newest car, getting a bigger, better house, and how we all fall victim to that, instead of making Christ our focus and allowing him to transform our thinking. I know that's true and it's a thought that we have all been presented with a thousand times, but it really hit me hard this morning. I always find myself thing, "well if we could just get that, or just do this, or get this new..." And I'm even talking about things that we need, not just the things that we want. I think I really make money my altar. I get so focused on getting more money to pay this off, or to pay that off that I lose my focus. If we could keep our focus on Christ and allow him to transform us, then he would bless us beyond our imaginations could fathom. I am really going to do my best to change my thinking, and keep my focus on allowing myself to be transformed by Christ.

He told a funny story about this youth intern that he had when he was in junior high that was from LCU. He made the whole church get up and march around the church and sing, "We're Marching to Zion" and then one Sunday he jumped up on the communion table. He was soon fired. Dr. Joiner referred to the communion table as the ark of the covenant for the church of christ. That is soooo true!!!!! I never thought of that!

I really like church at Monterey. I think every sunday there is something that is said that yes, I am a little surprised that it was said, but I am not bothered by it. But I think that is why I like Monterey. I think the focus of Christ is there, but the legalism isn't there. I love the worship, I love the singing, and I really enjoy Barry as a preacher. Nathan likes church there too, but he just wants me to be happy, and I don't want it to be all about me. I want this to be about my family. I know that will take some time and growth for that to happen. Nathan and I grew up in very different church backgrounds as far as the "C of C's" go. He is from Sunset and I'm a P.K. that has been at many different churches from very conservative to not so conservative. I was very involved in high school at our chuch, and that molded a lot of my thinking about what I could do and couldn't do at far as being a girl.

I do have to get used to being at a big church. That is one thing that is harder for me. In September, we are splitting to 3 services, so I think that will help some, b/c I feel like I never see any of the same people. Monterey has been blessed so much by growth and I really can see why. I think it is such a welcoming place that people from all backgrounds can come and be a part of.

Class in another story. I am c0-teaching this quarter in Madi's class. It seems like every week when it's my turn to teach I have a brat in the class that has never been there before. I question if God is trying to teach me patience...I have a 4 year old, and a 23 month old...I have lots of patience. This little girl ran out the class twice, and climbed on the table twice, and whined and complained the entire hour. We were making crowns and one little girl told the annoying girl that her crown was pretty and I didn't hear her say this, but she said that Madi said, "no it's not, it's ugly". I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Madi did tell her that, b/c I really wanted to tell her that too, b/c she was so annoying, but I was trying to be compassionate. You don't ever really know what's going on in their home lives that make them that way...Or maybe she's just a brat.


Blogger Lisa said...

Its funny that the subject of the lesson was something that has been on my mind a lot lately too. I have a sister-in-law that just moved back to Lubbock into a house that we would never be able to afford and of course is beautiful. Also have a friend that just gutted and transformed a beautiful house in Rush, that would be my dream home- all of this was something that I was struggling with the what if's of our job change etc. until I went home for two weeks and came back to reality. When returning to my home here I became very appreciative and just don't care anymore. God changed my heart in a lot of ways over the past month as well as in my relationship with my parents. Its still just amazing to me that he just lifted so much off of me just b/c I finally made the decision to let it go instead of holding on in my prayer. Trent's whole family has money, mine does not. But my family is very rich in heart and I had kind of forgotten that.

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Blogger April Carrasco said...

Great points Larissa! How hard it is not to want to "Keep up with the Jone's". Kids teach you a lot. They wouldn't care if we lived in a one bedroom apartment. They would actually like that better b/c apartments have pools and we don't. All our children want is our love and attention, not our money or posessions. I am so glad that you are blessed by your church.

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