Friday, July 21, 2006

Too Cute...and other random thoughts

Yesterday was my mom's 55th birthday...Happy Birthday Mom!!! We went to Colt and Suzanne's house last night and had cake. Kyle got to meet Ryder for the first time. I really didn't think he would be that impressed with him. I thought Madi would be the one who just fell in love with him. Well, Kyle was just obsessed with him. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. When I was holding him, he would come up to me and try to hug Ryder and say, "hold you, hold you baby". In his voice he just wanted him so bad. It was precious. My sister was like, "oh Kyle needs a little brother" Fortunately I know what those cute little things turn into...very cute, but lots and lots of work!!!

On a completely random all need to try the raspberry tea from Sonic. I can not get enough of the stuff. I would rather have that than Dr. Pepper. It is so good...maybe the best thing ever.

Another completely random thought...I am about to throw Nathan's cell phone out the door. Since I have been sitting here, it has rang 5 times, and he has the most annoying ring. He programed it to say, "Mr. Manweiler please answer the grey courtesy phone" I don't know how to turn the dumb thing off either. And it's all his high school buddies calling, so I know it's not anything real serious.

Oh I got a gift certificate today...$30 to Carino's. The other day I got $25 to Bath and Body Works. How awesome is that! They were from clients...that is one big perk of my job.


Blogger Lisa said...

That is sweet about Kyle! Hey, that is a great perk! I will go with you to Corino's and split the salmon salad! My mom and I go there almost everytime she is here and get that, its HUGE, and SO tasty. Then we split the tirramasou (sp?) for dessert. Your mom is a youngin! Happy Birthday to her! Yall are so blessed with such a neat family.

11:15 AM  

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