Thursday, July 27, 2006

13 People

1. Nathan
2. My Mom
3. Suzanne
4. Madi
5. Kyle
6. Jenny (sister)
7. My Dad
8. Sheila
9. Jenny (friend)
10. Lisa
11. Cheri
12. Neva
13. Colt
How did you meet number 10?
From my sister, Suzanne. I had always heard about Lisa, and how sweet she was, but I didn't personally know her until I became part of the bible study group that we have, and now I have her as my friend too!
What would you do if you hadn't met number 1?
Wow!!! Well I really don't even like to think about that. All I can say is that God always knows what he's doing!
What would you do if number 2 and number 6 dated?
Be very disturbed.
Have you seen number 4 cry?
Umm...many times.
Is number 13 ugly?
No, but I wouldn't say he's hot either, b/c that's just wierd...he's my brother-in-law.
Is number 1 cute?
Well of course he is!
Tell something about number 11.
Very, very loving mother...I trust her completely with my children.
How do you know number 8?
Oh Cheeto and I go way back. We met at LCU her freshman year, my sophomore year. I didn't like her at first. She seemed snootie. It's funny how you become great friends with the people you never see yourself being friends with. We are still great friends. In fact we have a date this Sunday night together.
What would you do if number 6 confessed they liked you?
Before or after she dated our mother???
Tell a fact about number 9.
Hates 80's music...she just doesn't know what she's missing out on.
Who is number 4 going out with?
Well she has an on again-off again relationship with Madagasgar. She most recently has become very fond of the little neighbor boy. He's an older man...3 years her senior. They like to play together. And the funny thing is that he has one of those names that someone ruined for you. You know what I mean?
What does number 5 do for a living?
I would have to go with eat. That boy can put the food down! If we got payed for all that he ate, we'd be millionaires. We could probably add poop to that answer too...yes, eat and poop.
What do you think about number 3?
I was kind of worried about her being a mom, but all hope has been restored, for now anyways. No, I'm kidding. I love my sister a whole lot. We have a lot of fun, and I look forward to sharing motherhood with her, b/c I know she is going to be funny!
Where does number 7 live?
In Slaton...home of the Tigers.
Is number 1 single?
Hands off Ladies!
Would you ever live with number 13?
Not unless Suzanne was living here too, in which case I would kill myself. Love my sisters, but don't want to live with them anymore.
What do you like about number 12?
Her genuine, caring heart. She always has concern for others.
Favorite memory about number 2?
Probably when she was 7 months pregnant with Jenny and we were driving to Brownwood for a family reunion. We decided to take a short cut and there was water on the road. So my aunt and Suzanne walked through it to see how deep it was. It didn't look very deep, well that was very deceiving, b/c she sunk the car. We couldn't open the mom and I had to crawl out the windows to get out. Keep in mind she was 7 months pregnant. Then we had to walk about 2 miles in the July heat to get to a house to use the phone. It was my grandparents car. The fish smell never went away. I don't think she'll ever live that one down.
Do you love number 2?
So much!


Blogger Noel & Celeste said...

This was FUN!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

That was a COOL Thurday Thirteen! Hope you and Sheila have fun Sunday, tell her I said hi!

12:25 PM  
Blogger mammadavis said...

Hi! I just found your blog from Lisa's. I loved your 13 People! I laughed at nearly all of them. It was great to be updated. Miss talking to you. ----Brooke

11:12 PM  

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