Friday, March 02, 2007


My house is quiet...very quiet. And while I often long for the quiet, it's wierd. There are no rooms to clean, no diapers to change, and certainly no cartoons to watch. The kids are gone! I spent the morning with my sister, and then met my other sister and Jennifer and ate lunch. Then I think I'm going to meet my mom in a little bit, and do something with her. And then tonight I am going to the Zoe Conference. I wanted to catch a movie, but there is nothing I want to see right now. I wanted to see "The Queen" and "Little Miss Sunshine" but I'm too late. They're gone!

Things are good. I really think God has changed a lot for me in the last week. I seemed to have heard God's voice in so many different ways here recently. One thing I have learned to focus on is what I know. Satan likes to trick me and make me feel a certain way. He wants me to feel down on myself, down on my life, and down on other people and their lives. But I've really discovered how false feelings really are. There is such a false sense of security in how we feel. Feelings fade and they go away. That's why I think the divorce rate is so high. I know that's why my marriage didn't last. One day I told Nathan that love is a choice. He told me it's not. Well anyone that has a brain larger than a pea knows that at some point you don't feel so warm towards your significant other. Those feelings go away. But if we root what we know to be true in God then, we can't be lied to.

Yes, life always happens, and there are so many things that are out of our control, but knowing instead of feeling makes your life different. So I started making a list of what I know. Here is part of it.

I know that God loves me.
I know God loves my children.
I know that my future is blessed.
I know that God is in control.
I know that I am taken care of.
I know that God is using me to help others.
I know that God is working every minute of every day to bless my life.
I could go on and on, because there are so many truths I know about God. And I can trust in that. And I have been amazed at the peace I have gotten from focusing on these things. You know this has been a hard situation, but I'm so grateful that my relationship with God has been strengthened. I am so thankful that through this I have been able to put God first and learn what it means to live in Him.


Blogger Lyndy said...

I am so glad you are focusing on the positive. I know that is not easy always in your situation or at least it wasn't for me when I went through my divorce. The grace and positive way you are dealing with everything is just amazing.

God will bless you and restore you, of that I have no doubt.

1:57 AM  
Blogger jen said...

One day, I decided to buy some small rainbow stickers (about the size of my fingernail) and put them in the margins of my Bible beside every verse that reminded me of a promise God had made to me. When I am down and need to be reminded of these unshakeable words, I flip through and read the verses. The stickers really make them pop out and easy to find.

Thanks for sharing your outlook. Those of us reading can see God working in you even when you don't feel it.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Thanks for this post, Larissa. You helped me realize that when I obsess over things, or get my feelings hurt, or worry about something...they are all just FEELINGS. And I can control them, and I should not let them control ME. Thanks for this post........I love reading them.

12:20 AM  

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