Friday, August 11, 2006

Okay I have to start this with a list. This is my top 3 movies that I WILL NOT be seing this summer:

3. Snakes on a Plane
2. Snakes on a Plane
and finally, number
1. Snakes on a Plane

I was going to make a top 10 but I thought that would get a little redundant. What are these people thinking. I have a HUGE fear of snakes. I can't even look at pictures of them in books without my blood pressure rising. I'm just glad for my sake that they let us know what the movie was about in the title. I would hate to be sitting there and get a big surprise.

Okay, now on to real life. Tomorrow is Kyle's party. Did I mention it was a pirate party. (I can't remember) That is what he chose. I think it would be funny to put a vest on him and an eye patch. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm also getting the kids pictures done tomorrow. I'm doing they're pictures together on Saturday, and then individual ones on Monday. Getting pictures done are fun, but for some reason traumatic. After seeing how Kyle acted a week ago when we did them with Ryder, splitting them up looks like a better option. He acted like his life was ending or something. I was kind of funny. We're doing a Red Raider picture of the two of them. How appropriate with college football to be starting. Have I also mentioned that my crazy husband is DRIVING to each out of town game??? (I think I'm getting old, b/c I can't remember what I write on here.) I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a "shotgun" trip to Aames, Iowa. He was like you and the kids can come too. Umm, no thanks. Sounds more like torture to me. I may go to a couple, or more like one. I like watching Tech play, but I am just fine being at home.

Well, we are looking forward to a fun weekend. I'll take lots of pics of the party!


Blogger Lauren said...

How fun, a pirate party! Yes, your husband is insane for driving to all the out of town games!!

And finally...

I can't believe the Snakes on a Plane thing...yes, it is scary, but it is also STUPID!! I just don't see that ever being feasible in real life. I saw another preview for a scary movie recently (it was a preview on a DVD) about a movie called "The Breed" (I think). It is about a pack of dogs/wolves that trap a bunch of people in this remote cabin in the woods. Just seeing the preview freaked me out and I like dogs. So many people are afraid of snakes and dogs...I just think these movies are like torture!

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