Thursday, August 03, 2006

1 Corinthians 13

A lot of you may have heard of the group that was here protesting in Lubbock today. They are a group from Oklahoma (I think) and they are protesting at the funeral for the Velez boy who died in the war. Their premise from what I understand is, "God hates fags, and we are being punished by soldiers coming home in body bags." Which even as I say that, that makes no sense. I can't possibly understand how a christian can be a part of something like that. When I came home from picking the kids up, we were heading to family photo and I discovered that the church they are protesting at is by my house. Grown women and their kids were standing out there with signs that say "God hates fags!" It made me want to cry! When we came home from family photo there was a barracade and traffic jam in my neighborhood. What a perversion of religion!!! It really angers me and saddens me, but honestly I know that is what Satan wants. He wants others to get mad, and try to lash back...which completely defeats everything.

Love is what it's all about. As I've grown older and matured, understanding love has been a huge key for me. I never understood how powerful love and forgiveness were for a person, until I understood how much Christ loved me. It made me look at this world completely different, which is what God wants...a transformation of our hearts!!! Yes, there are times when I don't always want to "love", it seems there are those people who make themselves very unlovable, like those picketers at that funeral...and ya know I can't change them, but I can add them to my prayer list. I guess I'm just amazed at people sometimes, and really I guess I can't be too shocked at what I see others do, b/c I know I've done my fair share of things that don't make sense...and I try to remind myself of that occasionally so that I stay humble. I've felt so bad for that family. He's lost 2 sons in the war now, and regardless of your opinions on the war, it's very sad. And every public statement that the dad has made, I have just been amazed by his power and strength in God.

Well 2 years ago at this very time, my mom and I were getting us bean burritos at taco bell. Just what a nine month pregnant woman needs, a bean burrito. Unfortunately that bean burrito disguised labor pains for me. I went to the doctor the next day for my weekly appointment, and I was dialated to a 4+. She asked if I didn't notice the contractions. I didn't, I thought I had gas from the burrito. No, they were contractions. That story always makes me laugh. Then at 8p.m. that night little Kyle Jackson was born!!! He is such a joy. I never knew I would enjoy having a son so much. I was always used to little girls, I had never been around a little boy, besides my cousins. I'm going to post some pictures tomorrow. I am not sure what all we're going to do. I took the day who knows. Love to you all!


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Happy Birthday Kyle!

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