Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gold wierdo

I tried to post these other pics yesterday, but I was having trouble. So I thought I'd try it again. One is from last night when we were watching Ryder.

My crazy husband is out in the backyard. He came up with a great idea that he was going to turn our backyard into a driving range. I guess I should be relieved b/c I was getting that confused with a shooting range. He just walked past me with his gold clubs and a bucket of balls and said, "you don't want to know." I replied with, "you're right." He is quite possibly the strangest person I've ever known. But I do have to say he keeps my life exciting. :)


Blogger Lisa said...

HA! Does he have a net to hit into or does he just not drive em real far?

10:48 PM  

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