Friday, August 25, 2006


I am bored...I am at work. I am going to leave soon I think. I am all caught up, I guess I could clean my desk or something, but why would I do that?

Not a whole lot has happened this week. I do have some big news. Nathan passed his state test. So he is now officially a licensed residential appraiser! The test was really hard. It asked one question about the best way to appraise a maximum security prison. Well generally speaking as a real estate appraiser, you don't appraise many prisons. So he was a little frustraed at times, but we are all just glad he is done! He has to take another test to be licensed for FHA, but the big part is done.

We are going tonight to the Tech football signing thing. I don't really know what it is called, but you know where you can get the football players autographs. Nathan is really excited. He got a football off of Ebay that is signed by Kliff Kingsbury and Kody Hodges for $5 and everyone makes fun of him that their autographs actually made the value of the football go down. He is a true fan. So he is really excited.

I have a lot on my mind that I can't actually talk about in detail. Once again, yes everything is fine. I think being patient and waiting is the absolute hardest thing to do. Especially when you are waiting on answers from God. I know that in the process of waiting we learn a lot that God wants to teach us...which is the point of waiting, right? God molds us into the people that he wants us to be, and our faith is strengthened, but man it is so hard. Yes, I am waiting. And I am struggling with that. Some days seem so monotamous, but I have to remind myself that there is nothing that is monotamous with God. He doesn't wake up (he probably doesn't go to bed, but you know what I mean) and think, "well I don't have much to do today, so I guess I'll just sit here"...his plan is always working, and it is imperative that I focus on that. So I guess I am just venting out loud right now. So I wait...I have a question though. Do you, whoever you are reading this, believe that if you are focused on God and your heart is in the right place believe that the "little voice" inside, (which I would say is the holy spirit) gives you answers. That may seem like an obvious answer, but I'm really serious. Of course we all do dumb things and say dumb things, but if you're heart is in the right place, how do you know if what you're doing is right. I guess I am looking for guidance, and I am praying a lot about everything...sometimes we just all need encouragement to shut out all the other noise and "listen". Make sense?

Well I am going home now. I am so glad it is Friday!!! I am going to pick up my babies and have a good weekend. I hope you all do the same.


Blogger Robyn said...

I believe that if you're praying for guidance and wisdom, then that voice, that I would also say is the Holy Spirit, is doing one of two things . . . He's either giving you confirmation that you're following His plan and making wise decisions, OR the Spirit is keeping you unsettled about the situation until you look for and truly see the other options that are available. And, maybe the other options that are available just haven't presented themselves yet, so there are unsettled feelings so that we wait for Him to make those options available. If we're where we need to be and doing what we need to be doing according the His plan, then we'll have peace and the Spirit will continue to guide us in that direction. When we're not headed down the path that God has set for us, or when maybe the path has changed and we're having trouble seeing the new path, then I believe that the Spirit keeps talking to us and redirecting us to wherever it is that He wants us to be. No matter what, if we're earnestly praying and seeking, then we are right where we need to be because we're still with the Lord. The journey is never unfruitful as long as the journey is with the Lord. I hope that your answers appear and that you find that peace because I know you're earnestly seeking it. Hang in there!

10:14 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I believe that as long as you are seeking HIS guidance, he is going to bless you. I am praying for you.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Stephaniexqxh said...

I believe that as long as you are seeking HIS guidance, he is going to bless you. I am praying for you.

3:38 AM  

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