Monday, September 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

I may be living under a rock, but did yall know the crocodile hunter was killed? He was killed by a stingray. I read the whole story on MSN...the doctor said it was a freak accident, b/c the stingray pierced his rib cage and punchered a whole in his heart. How sad is that??!! I wasn't a huge fan of his, but he was so passionate about what he did, and seemed to be a really neat person. Anyways, I was just kind of surprised by that news, but like I said, I make be living under a rock.

My granddad is in the hospital again. He fell one day last week, but they rushed him to the hospital early Saturday morning. He broke his hip. My mom spent the night with him last night. I went up there and spent some time last night at the hospital with them. He is doing good, much better than last time. He is not aggitated like he was. But the medicine he is on gives him vertigo. So he always thinks he's falling, even when he's laying in bed. And he constantly has to be reminded that he is in bed. He always yells, "babe" (that's what he calls my grandmother) he asked my mom to help him in from the porch. My grandparents were big porch people. They always sat out there and drank coffee. He knows who everyone is, which is a really good sign, but then he'll say something really strange. For example, he said hi to my mom when she got there, and seemed completely normal, but then he proceeded to tell her that he was cooking a pan of potatos. And it's so interesting how the things he talks about are so a part of his life. Like the porch and potatos...they loved frying up a pan of potatos. Aging is so interesing. I was talking to my mom and you know I know that when you're in your golden years, that it is a really hard time. We see old people suffering all the time, and it's so sad. And I know they wouldn't be here if there wasn't a reason. I know so many times, they feel completely useless. When I was doing my practicum at Carillon I would just sit and talk to them...and man the things I learned about not taking life for granted...enjoying the moment and most especially how important our loved ones are. There was this one little lady who when she came into Carillon she was in assisted living. She was so sad and depressed, and she was just waiting until she could go home. She would just cry and it was so heartbreaking. 2 years later when I worked there, she was over in skilled nursing and she died during my week long employment. Sometimes I think it is more about our job to learn from the elderly and their suffering than anything that they actually need to learn. There is nothing like a suffering, elderly father or mother that can bring a family together, and change hardened hearts. I know in our situation is has done a lot for my mom, and she really needed that. On a side note, my granddad's social worker is Cara Speer. For those of you who don't know she was a professor for a long time at LCU. I guess she liked me alright in college, but I think my stock went up when I married Nathan. The Speers have known Nathan's family for a long time.

Well we managed to make it through our photo session. I wasn't feeling very hopeful...but then she brought out the wooden rocking horse and that did the trick. I think we got some good ones.

Now we are just enjoying the cool, wet weather! Well I was going to write a little more, but I have a very needy 2 year old right now. So I will end with a Happy Labor Day!


Blogger April Carrasco said...

I have been depressed about the crocodile hunter all day! He seemed like such a good guy and had such a little girl. So sad. I get sad about the weirdest things. You would think I knew him. Such a crazy way to die compared to all the other stuff he has done.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I really thought Scott was kidding me/telling me a joke when I came home last night and he told me that Stever Irwin was dead. I kept asking him, "Are you being serious?" Isn't it odd the way it happened. Scott said that stingrays rarely sting people, so it was a very strange way for him to go, considering all the other more dangerous situations he has been in.

Anyway, I'll be praying for your grandpa and I'm glad your pictures went well :)

4:48 PM  

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