Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th

My life is now complete...Jenny has a blog. All my best friends in one place! And no, Cheri it's not the dark side that I've brought you all to! (I saw that comment you left on Jenny's blog) :)
I'm so glad to have a long weekend. I enjoy getting to be home. My mom is over here now. She's sorting through the massive pile of children's clothes that is overtaking my garage. My kids are growing too fast!
I was thinking about last July 4th...I remember it vaguely. I know Madi and Kyle were with Ned and Neva for about 2 weeks, so I think I was just at my parents house with Mason. I remember being very tired and just wanting to go home. When he went to bed that night I remember sitting on my front porch (as I do most nights) with some sadness and thinking about this July 4th...wondering what I'd be doing, where I'd be, and how different life would be. Once again, so much changes in one year.
Okay, so Celeste requested that I post Sheila's letter. I didn't hear any complaints from you, Sheila when I thought about posting it, so I hope you don't mind. It just reminded me so much of our friendship and you brought back memories I hadn't thought about in a long time. Generally when most people start bringing up memories of me, they go something like this, "remember the time when you..." (you can fill in any assortment of things that probably ended up getting me in trouble) but Sheila really encompassed what our friendship has been all about, and did it so well for me.

When I first met her, I wasn't a fan. Justin had brought her up to L.C.U. for the weekend to scope it out and she was staying with Kristen C. She was so quiet and I really took that as her being snobby and stuck up. I remember thinking, "oh I probably won't be liking her." Ha! Now, she truly is one of my dearest and best friends, and has been for a number of years! She is also the roommate that I lived with the longest. To me Jenny, Sheila and I had a great roommate/friend relationship. I know that not everyone is blessed with that kind of experience.

So here's her letter:

Dear Larissa,

First, I want to apologize for typing this letter. As a general rule, I am opposed to typing personal letters, because typing is not personal. I'm only doing it, because I have to email it in order for it to get to you on time.

Second, I have to tell you that you are an amazing person. If I had one prayer for you this weekend and for the rest of your life, it would be for you to realize your worth. If you could see through my eyes, I'm not sure you would recognize yourself.

Surely you remember when we lived in the dorm together. Of course there are the fun memories of biscuits in the toaster oven, hanging out on the roof and me yelling at all of you to shut up, but those are not the most significant times in my memory. What stand out to me are the mornings (I usually woke you up) when I would come in your room, sit on your bed, and get free counseling. In case you don't remember, I had a 7:30 class (First Aid &CPR) with ***** whom I was dating while hopelessly in love with John. Every morning, you listened to me whine, deliberate, and cry. And every morning you affirmed my worth. You comforted me when I was depressed, you supported me when I screwed up and you helped me laugh through it all. I think that those mornings sum up our friendship. You are the friend that I can always count on. I still call you when I'm depressed and you still make me laugh (friend cards :). When I screw up, I know I can talk to you about it. And you're still a friend I call when I have an important decision to make.

You are a strong, independent woman. You have thrived in life with rare courage and dignity, in spite of the unfair blows that you have been dealt. You have taken care of your children-- working hard to provide for them, but being wise enough to accept help when that was what they needed. Most impressive, you have shown your children that when things get rough, you turn to God. Rather than watching their mom shut down or become bitter and cynical, they watched her praise God through the storm. And they have seen God protect you and bless you. Against great odds (including chapel), you completed your degree, made sacrifices so that you could stay home with young children, and jumped right back into the work-force when it was time. I am amazed at your resiliency and grit.

In short Larissa, I think you kick a** (since you're sort of at a church camp, I feel obligated to censor a bit). You are a dear friend, inspiring mother, and remarkably strong woman. Reread that if you need to because I mean it and I want you to believe it. I am proud of you and I hope that you are having a life changing experience. Your friendship has certainly changed mine.

I love you.

Your friend,

Sheila Brown ******


Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Larissa!! "Life" has been crowding out my blogging time but I'm making the round to say hello and let you know I am still alive and well :o)

7:56 AM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Enjoyed reading your letter from Sheila. I'm so glad you had a rewarding weekend.

I am glad that Jenny and Sheila did join the "dark side"! Don't know why, but it is easier to keep up with people this way!!!! Love ya!

Hey, have you met Ron Harkey where you work?

10:17 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

What a graat letter! I can tell you have an amazing relationship, seems like the unexpected ones turn out to be some of the closest ones! I have a similar circumstance. Hope you had a great fourth and relaxing weekend. Lets get together soon!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Noel and Celeste said...

Am I missing where Jenny's link is?

I'm so glad you shared that letter. Sheila is exactly right.

There is nothing like a friend. I'm more convinced that we're asked to bear one another's burdens because we are actually incapable of bearing our own. Praise God for our burden bearing friends.



9:31 PM  

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