Friday, June 06, 2008


Can I just tell you that I've had an amazing two days? There's just a lot that's happened in the last two days that I see God just blessing me over and over. And where I'm just saying, "Wow were right."

They've been days full of transition, no doubt...I have shed some tears while dealing with some adjustments that we're making in our lives, but more than ever I'm just amazed!

I went to the the meeting for The Walk to Emmaus last night. I met a new friend who also goes to Monterey, and we found out that we were both going to be at a cookout that my neighbors were having tonight. While at the cookout tonight we found about a million different connections including: our mutual friend Elaina, Kappa, Grants New Mexico, being divorced...the list could go on and on. We had the most amazing talk.

I just feel God doing all sorts of things in my life and putting people in my life that I need right now.

I'm looking forward to the weekend with my kids. I've missed being with them these last two days as they have started day care. Madi is staying with my mom this weekend. They're having girl time with Sydney, because Colt and SuzAnne took a weekend getaway. So I'll be with my boys.

I started my job today. Man...I feel a little overwhelmed. I thought mortgage processing was detail oriented! Holy cow! What I'm doing now is insane! To explain it best: I am in charge of making travel arrangements for cotton. You would not believe what it takes to get cotton shipped overseas, and how much is exported to places like Turkey, China, Mexico...etc, etc. I'm very excited to learn something new and I'm catching on pretty quick, but the end of the day, my brain was tired.

I am however feeling very blessed to be at the company I'm at. I don't think I could be at a better place.

So lots going on...I'm tired now, and I'm going to bed.


Anonymous Amanda said...

You know, I've never thought about what it takes to ship cotton! You will have to tell me all about it. Hopefully NEXT weekend, right?!?! Anyways, I'm glad things are going good for you right now. Talk to you soon! Love ya!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Congrats on the new job! I've been out of town for a little bit and got way behind. I know that money isn't everything, but when you feel like you can get by each month it really relieves some stress. I'm always telling Honey that God knows the obligations we have each month and as long as we do our best, that's all we can do. The rest always seems to work out.

I think you've done a wonderful job with your kids and they are so blessed to have a mom that is so tuned in to their needs and willing to make sacrifices to spend time with them.

9:01 AM  

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