Thursday, May 22, 2008

Super Kids

Today was the last day of Super Kids for the boys. It was rather bittersweet for me. They have both grown so much since September. Of course you see it in Mason the most. I got their scrapbooks that they made and, boy those teachers out do themselves! They were amazing, and they make me tear up to see all the neat things my little boys did this year.

I have to say that South Plains/Super Kids was an amazing place for my kids this year. When I was looking for a mom's day out, I wanted them at Monterey. They were full, so I knew Chrissy sent her kids to Super Kids. South Plains is also right by my office, so it ended up being a better choice. But more than that, they truly ministered to me this year in more ways than one. I can't say enough about the program, church, teachers or Wendy K. (the director) They were all amazing. And you know that they love your kids when the teachers are tearing up seeing your kids go.

So now, just one week left of public school. I think I'm going to start taking Xanax now before the great depression sets in. Lord, help me...seriously. I'm just trying not to think about it in the span of, "oh my goodness my kids are out of school for HOW long???" I know teachers need a break, a well deserved on in fact, but...well, that's all I can really say about that. We'll be alright though...we'll do some fun things, and we'll get through it, just as we have everything else.


Anonymous Amanda said...

We are totally opposite. I look forward to school being out because we don't have to rush around as much or be on such a tight schedule. We can kinda kick back and just take it easy. Plus they are still at the babysitters all day so it's not that bad!! It will be okay! I can't believe this school year is over either.

9:15 PM  
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