Monday, April 07, 2008

I needed this...

The following was written by Dr. Charles Swindoll. It's called "People Panic...God Provides"

Please read it all the way to the bottom...I think it's amazing!!!


Read 1 Samuel 15:1--19
The tragic story of King Saul is that he never, ever fully repented of his sin. Saul's greatest concern was his image, how he looked before the people. Even after Samuel gave him a break, Saul took advantage of it and continued in that same vein until the day he took his own life. How sad is that?

Samuel has reached the end of his rope. The people elected Saul king, but he's no longer qualified. What are they to do? Israel is surrounded by enemies, and they need someone to carry the scepter. But who? Samuel didn't know and couldn't imagine. The people didn't know and had no suggestions. No one knew . . . except God.

What Samuel didn't realize---what we often don't realize---is that behind the scenes, before He ever flung the stars into space, God had today in mind. He had this very week in mind. In fact, He had you in mind. And He knew exactly what He was going to do. God is never at a loss to know what He's going to do in our situations. He knows perfectly well what is best for us. Our problem is, we don't know. And we say to Him, "Lord, if You just tell me, then I'll be in great shape. Just reveal it to me. Explain Your plan to me, and I'll count on You." But that's not faith. Faith is counting on Him when we do not know what tomorrow holds.

When a man or a woman of God fails, nothing of God fails. When a man or woman of God changes, nothing of God changes. When someone dies, nothing of God dies. When our lives are altered by the unexpected, nothing of God is altered or unexpected. It was the prophet Isaiah who wrote: "Before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear" (Isaiah 65:24).

"Before you even utter a word," God promises, "I'm involved in answering. In fact, while you're speaking, I'm involved in bringing to pass the very thing I have planned from the get go."
God knows exactly what He's going to do, and nothing can restrain His bringing it to pass.


Oh my goodness...I needed this today sooooo bad. I always get these daily emails (that I never open) from Insight for Living, which is associated with Dr. Swindoll. This morning, my negative self, (an attitude I have been struggling with for a couple of weeks now off and on) decided to open this one. I'm so glad I did. I was actually sitting at the computer talking to myself saying, "Oh dear Lord, I need some good insight." It gave me some PEP to remember what I already know and have learned during my "dark time" (Which would be what I refer to as the time of going through my divorce)

I admit that I have not been my Positive Polly self lately. I have been very aware of that, and frustrated with myself because of it. I don't cut myself much slack, not in the attitude department anyways. I may and may not be a lot of things, but I have learned full well how far a good attitude can bring you. I have just felt like I've been in a spiritual fog of sorts. I even left church frustrated on Sunday. I got to class to hear our class leader be really open and honest with us about how long she probably had left to live. On top of that she just found out her Dad has cancer too and has 6 months to live. Rick and Robin were the one's who took our group to Ruidoso in November and I have just looked up to her so much as a once single mom and now remarried. They have two kids ages 9 and 11. That makes me sad, and I don't understand that.

Then I went into worship and mistakenly sat next to a man with body odor. Again...frustrated and most of all...DISTRACTED. Then Barry wasn't preaching. A professor from A.C.U. was and bless his heart his message was good, but I couldn't tell you what he said. Once again, DISTRACTED. I have been spiritually distracted for a while...well, not just every way distracted. I've been asking myself, "what's wrong with you Larissa??? Where's the optimism?" I still haven't figured out what my deal has been, but this just gave me a BIG reminder of who God really is and why it's important for me to remember, THAT HE IS IN CONTROL. All the things I worry about...TAKEN CARE OF...the tears I have shed...HEARD...the things that make me angry...LISTENED TO...the heart of mine that still faith that wavers...RESTORED AND REDEEMED.

Now tell me why I doubt??? I don't know...I don't know, because I know all of the above is true and the lies that satan so desperately wants to distract me with are worth nothing, but misery and pain. God has changed my heart too much to go back to a place where I feel captive to anything satan has to offer. I'm telling you that little snake is relentless!!! If he can't try and get you one way, he will try another!

I've been thinking a lot about God's discernment. By the way, I love that word. I have to be wise enough to know when God is speaking to me. And furthermore, I have to obey. It's not always fun. Sometimes, it hurts, but what hurts worse? Not listening and doing what I want selfishly, and then ultimately being hurt even worse in the end? I need to listen and obey, KNOWING that God has a better plan. No, I don't see the outcome and boy I wish I could. That has been part of my bad attitude lately. I just wish that God would give me a glimpse to suffice the desires I have, and He's all. He instead is making me stretch my faith to know that although I can't see a thing, I can only see Him and know that He is in control. Blah...I want to throw a tantrum, but that won't do anyone any good. I have to pick myself up and understand that there is a better plan, a perfect plan, but I have to be patient enough to wait for it.

So this is me...working on my attitude...a continual work in progress.


Blogger Cheri said...

We all need an "attitude adjustment" occassionally. I'm sorry you've had a particularly rough stretch lately. I love you and am praying that you God does allow you to see what He wants for you soon.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Chrissy Cross said...

Maturity is evident in your words. I really appreciated the selection from Chuck Swindoll. I needed that today.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

That was a great devotional and I love the way you "talk to yourself"!!! It's all about faith!!!!! Faith, not in us, but in HIM!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Rosheeda said...

LOL I get you. My only advice is: obedience is better than sacrifice. For real. Just hold on to that and go w/God's flow.

And I really needed this, by the way.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

you inspire me

5:30 PM  
Blogger ♥Tisha♥ said...

We're all working on our progress - the fact that we recognize we need to progress is such a huge step. :)Chuck Swindoll is fabulous. We went to his church for a time in Frisco. Great words of wisdome always from him. Come visit us, we'll put you guys in our spare bedroom and the kids can do a sleepover in the LR. Then we'll take you to see Chuck! :) XOXO!

5:41 PM  

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