Thursday, April 17, 2008

A bit of houscleaning...

It's been really busy around here. I feel like I've been running about 1,000 different directions. I'm not sure I'm getting it all done. I know I've forgotten a few Madi's school program. I know they had been sending notes home, but it went right over my head! I figured it out yesterday afternoon that it was tonight. Oh well...we made it and she did great! She is such a performer. And I noticed during the program she was surrounded on the risers by all boys. It's the same way in her classroom. She usually always has to sit at the table with all boys. She doesn't get along as well with the girls. She is soooo her aunt's niece. (both of them!)

Kyle and Mason's program is next week. I can't wait for that. Mason's class has to wear their's going to be sooooo cute. And then we have the baby dedication ceremony at church this Sunday. There have been 26 babies and all their parents that have RSVP'd to attend it. Holy cow...that's going to be a lot of us up there! I'm a little nervous about it for obvious reasons. And if it's not obvious...that would be because I'm a single mom. I don't worry about people looking at me, it's the just the emotional aspect. My mom is going to stand up there with me though. That will make it better for me. I will be fine...I'm looking at it as a celebration of the last phenomenal year of our life that we have made it through. Little man will be 1 year old in May!!! You better believe there will be a BIG ole' celebration for that birthday! I'm already planning it now, and you're all invited!

Things are good...they have been tough lately, but God has a plan. I've had a lot on my mind at times and not really been in a place to share. Honestly, not knowing how to share. Things are a little different now, and I'm feeling better...rejuvenated and hopeful.

I do have a prayer request...I don't want to be specific right now...but there is something that I am asking for and God is very aware of what it is. An opportunity of sorts has opened up that I really would like to pursue for many different reasons. Of course in my mind I think it would be absolutely wonderful...I'm just asking for patience and guidance and enough wisdom to know that if it's part of God's plan than it will come to be. If it's not, then there is something even greater out there for me.

Everything else is Sydney will be here next Friday if not sooner! I'm sooooo ready to have a little niece! I've never had one and I want to hold a baby really bad...and then give her back to her momma! :)

I hope you all have a good week and I will get around to posting the few things that I've been tagged on and the award. Thanks guys! :)

Now on to the real housecleaning...oh, I need a MAID!!!


Blogger Cheri said...

I've been trying to clean house all week long and still haven't finished. Seems that I keep finding other things to do :)

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Seems like my house hasn't been clean all year! Oh well! Have fun at all of the programs!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Jenn Jenn said...

That is my daughter. "D" gets along with most of the girls in her class for about oh... five mins..tops !! Girls will be girls..

Just when I think I am done with housecleaning for the moment... more comes from out of nowhere..
I am so glad you made it to the programs...


3:09 PM  

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