Friday, September 28, 2007

Is this really news?

Okay so the local news station just listed their top headlines. One of which was, "Slaton woman thinks she may have been scammed when trying to purchase a monkey from Africa." Is this for real????? Seriously???? Do we not have anything more pressing to talk about???? I think some serious re-evaluation needs to take place. I mean I just laughed out loud. I mean, who tries to buy a monkey? Suzanne and I wanted a monkey when we were little, but this was a grown woman. That's just weird.


Blogger Lauren said...


10:34 PM  
Blogger suzanne said...

I'm in the process of returning to the blogging world. FYI...Colt still wants a monkey!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

I still want a spider monkey. I think they are neat. I don't know where I would put it though. Suzanne did have a monkey - Abbigail Helena

8:23 AM  

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