Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Good Day

Church was so good this morning. I'm going back to Monterey now. Children's church has started back and for someone like me, it is a must! Sitting through church without it is very stressful. So I am glad to be back. I really thought getting in and out would be very stressful with three children, but they all did great today. "Always have a plan" is what I live by these days. And know that with kids, plans don't always work. So you also have to be flexible.

So I got to sit in class and church by myself and enjoy it!!! The lesson was about bondage. They had two men talk about how they had broken out of their bondage. One has been in prison and was on drugs, and the 0ther had cancer. I think one of the most powerful things is to hear someone share their story of faith. And for some reason the worse the bondage is, the more we see Christ work and see His glory. It was very powerful to me. I can relate so much, and I think we all can. I've never been in prison or had cancer, but I do know pain. We all know what that feels like in our own ways and own experiences.

I really hope that God will use me to help others. I think He already is, there is just so much behind the scenes going on that we never know about. I do know that God wants us to be prepared. He didn't send John out without preparation. He studied for many, many years. So who knows what God has planned. And with God, I know it will be great. I'll just hang along for the ride.

Something happened to me this week...yet another blessing. I have blessings of all sorts happening to me all the time. I can probably count daily something that someone does for me. Some are big, some are small, but they all touch my heart. The blessing I received this week that I am refering to struck me in paticular, because of what was said to me. I had a friend come over. She told me she wanted to give me something. The first thing she gave me was the little Red Raider outfit that Mason has on in that picture in my previous post. When she gave it to me, I told her that I hadn't bought any Red Raider gear for Mason. She knew why. Nathan, as many of you know, was OBSESSED with Red Raider football. That seemed to dominate his life for about 4 months of the year. And when he left, I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth for Tech. You may think that's dumb, but he was friends with a lot of them, and I was pointing my fingers blaming many different people and things for his departure. In fact, this is funny to me now, but around New Year's I was going through his cell phone bill calling numbers I didn't recognize, and one happened to be the defensive MVP player of the year's number. I just please asked that he didn't tell Nathan that I had called him. And I never heard about it from Nathan. My little sister had this guy convinced that she found his number on the stall of the bathroom in Whataburger. Good athlete...dumb as a rock. Anyways, all that to say, I threw out every Tech piece of clothing I owned. I almost became a Texas fan...almost. I just couldn't do it. But she bought me that outfit, and she knew what I was thinking. And she told me, that she bought that for me, and not for Nathan. And I said you know you're right. I liked them, before he did. So I put the little outfit on him and took his picture. I miss going to the football games. I really enjoyed it. Someday I hope that is something I get to do again.

My friend gave me something else to. She got really upset, and told me that it was from a group of people who loved me. She wouldn't tell me who they were, but that they all wanted me to know how much I meant to them. She told me that I was giving back by the way I was leading my life faithfully, raising my children, and still keeping my head held high. To hear those words melts my heart. I hope and pray that others see that this is not me...this is truly God's work. My life is a miracle, because of God. I no longer live in bondage because of the path God has given me to follow. And it's a path that we can all follow.

A lot of times reference to me how I have chosen to live my life. But they way I see it is, I had no choice. I mean what was I supposed to do besides get up and get on with life? I guess I could have wallowed in self pity, but I had 2.5 kids at the time who needed a strong momma to help them. And then I think well I guess I could have chosen a life of drugs and crime. Well if you know me, then you know I would be about the world's dumbest criminal, and drugs and I just don't mix. I mean I can't even take NO-doze and not be psycho. Yes, there is a funny story there, that I'll save for another time. But I don't know, that's just a thought on my part. And really and truly I say this with all honesty. When all this happened, I knew the outcome already. I knew that although I was in the midst of complete turmoil, my spirit already knew how someday it would not always be that way. I have this whole theory on how the spirit and the physical can actually be separate from one another and at some point they catch up with each other. I hope I didn't just lose some of you there. Sometimes I know I can go out on tangents that I probably don't explain all that well.

But anyways...I don't's been a good day. I'm thankful for more and more of those.


Blogger Lisa said...

Yea for blessings! I have said it before and I will say it again, He IS working in you and THROUGH you. You just have no idea in all the billions of ways. I could write a list. Glad your day was good and I know you will have many many more and even better! Have a great week.....L

4:05 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Drop by my site, Larissa. I just gave you an award.

I also echo what Lisa said.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I understand completely!!!! And so well said.

What a wonderful friend!!!That said so much and was very brave on her part. Stretching you!!!

4:50 AM  

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