Friday, July 25, 2008

I have a quote above my desk that I read almost everyday.

"Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube." William Arthur Ward

Think about it. It's really true.

Tribulation is a test tube...our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls are test tubes for a combination of things; what we chose to put in there, and what is put in there for us...choices and circumstances.

My faith is the key. That is what helps me see beyond my temporary circumstances and know that God is working through everything.

I've had a week. Not really a good one, not really a bad one. I've had a good attitude and dealt with what has been thrown my way as best as possible. I guess I've finally decided, again for about the 10,000th time that sometimes a good attitude and your faith are the only things that can get you through. It doesn't change life's circumstances, but it does give you some power to persevere.

This week I've watched my kids and realized how blessed I am. I think watching my granddad slowly decline more each day has made me realize that. He won't be here much longer. No one can really say, but there isn't much more that can be done for him. That's just blah to me...blah, blah, blah. I won't even go into that now.

I took my kids to the park tonight. I layed in the grass and watched them play on the monkey bars. I watched my determined 6 year old daughter to make it across the "big" monkey bars. She wouldn't give up. She amazes me. She would talk to herself and coach herself at how she was going to make it across there to the other side. It was so cute. I thought about myself. I thought about my determination to make it, and my drive. I always thought Nathan was the driven one. He was so smart. He was always the one who would find a way. I thought Madi's independence and determination that she's always had since the day she was born came from him. It may have taken me 28 years to find that determination and independence within myself, but I found it. God has made me that way, and I'm sooo thankful! I use it EVERYDAY in EVERYWAY. There are still some things that I face, just at everyone else in this world faces that just aren't fair. There are things that my kids face that aren't fair either. I'm just really tired of trying to make sense of it. I am making a conscious effort to let go of that need for understanding. I am choosing to believe with all my heart and with all hope that all of the bad has a purpose, and will somehow be made right. I don't know how, and again that doesn't matter. I just want to have the faith and belief...belief in MY God.

It's funny...just when I think I can't be pushed anymore...I get shoved. Don't really know why...don't really care. I just want to believe.


Blogger Tisha said...

Great post! I have felt the exact same way lately!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Your faith constantly amazes me. I look up to you all the time. Life has not been fair to you, but you choose to not dwell on it. You know what rocks have been hurled at you, and you still make a decision to act positively. Thank you always being willing to share your struggles and your triumphs with all of us. Love you!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

There are still some things that I face, just at everyone else in this world faces that just aren't fair.

A true statement for all of us. I ove your quote. Very good!!! I think life is the test for the after lige IMHO. I want to pass the test and I want to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant." I want to finish my race....not necessarily win it, but finish it.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Adam & Carrie Tungate said...

You are incredible, Larissa! I've always struggled with having enough faith and it is so encouraging to read about what you've gone through (and continue to go through) and see how much faith you continue to have through it all. I can't believe how big your kids are and they are all just precious! You're doing a great job!

4:39 PM  

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