Saturday, January 05, 2008

Which is it?

Okay so I have this bag of chocolate that I need to stop eating. It's the Dove chocolate know the kind I'm talking about? This bag of candy was supposed to go to someone to cheer them up. I told SuzAnne that we had better get this package sent off soon or I was going to have to open the chocolate soon and eat it. Well, it's sat there far too long and then I got P.M.S. (as if you really needed to know that) and well that was the end. The chocolate had to be eaten. If you're a woman I'm sure you understand. Fortunately, Wal-mart isn't too far away. So it can be replaced.

Well so I'm eating the chocolate and they have the little phrases about love inside the wrappers. One today that I ate says, "Trust with your heart, not your head." I don't like that, I never have. Your heart can lie to you. Your heart can drive you to make emotional decisions that your head might not necessarily agree with. And I'll be the first to admit that it is so terribly hard to not to allow your heart and mind to work together. It's fun to trust your heart. It feels good! But if everyone went around trusting their hearts and not using their heads, we'd all be a mess!
So I after I wrote the above, I googled "trusting your heart and head" and found this...I love the answer.

Neither one: if you're thinking that they're two separate things it's already too late for trust.A whole person isn't split up into head and heart, body and mind, "good self" and "bad self", or any other conceptual division. We talk and think this way because we don't learn to just *see* -- in other words, we get caught up in believing that the whole is made up of a bunch of parts. But that's just some idea somebody came up with, our experience isn't really like that if we pay attention to it.Experience flows moment to moment as a stream of thoughts, feelings, sensations, moods, perceptions, all playing off of each other. When we stop getting tangled up in our beliefs and stories and just settle into being present here-and-now, the whole organism of self responds spontaneously and appropriately in concert with the situation. Intellect does it's part, affect (emotion) does it's part, and so forth, but these aren't independent from each other.Basically, it's about learning to dance with whatever is going on... that's trust. Everything is integrated because nothing was truly separate in the first place.

I don't know who wrote it, but I think that is exactly right. Your heart and your head have to work together!!! Thanks Dove, I love your chocolate, but I think you're way off on this one.


Blogger Ronnica said...

I agree you can't trust your heart. It's way too easy to be caught up in something without realizing it. Love is something you have to choose, and if you choose not to, you aren't loving them.

4:50 PM  

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