Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good nights sleep and other things

It's amazing how a good nights sleep makes you feel all better. I just didn't feel good yesterday. I would work about 15 minutes and then have to lay down, because I was so exhausted. I am just so tired of packing and cleaning. I feel like that's all I do...and well that is all I do. But in one week we will be in our new house, so it will be all over. Then I'll just feel like all I do is unpack and put up.

I have started having indegestion and heartburn. I will say that at least I have been spared from that so far. With both other pregnancies I had it from day one and really bad. I had had it on occasion with this one, but now it's full force in the evenings. Fortunately for me, I have some medicine the doctor gave me that helps me sleep at night that is safe to take all the time. That is why I slept so well last night!!! It works wonders for me.

I started a new class at Monterey on Sundays. It is a class for single parents. There were quite a few people in there. Definately more than I expected. The class leader said, "it's great to see that this class is growing." Well, is it great to see this class is growing? I know what he meant. It's great that people who are in the situation are coming to the class, but ideally I don't think we want the class to grow. That would just encourage the divorce rate that is already at 52% (accoring to Dr. Phil yesterday) and the fatality rate.

While in that class, I discovered a few things. One thing is that I am very blessed. My situation could be a lot worse. And some of you may be thinking, "how in the world could it be worse for you? You are pregnant!" Yes, I am very well aware of that, but I saw some women in there, that are truly struggling in life. There was one lady with two kids. They are older than mine, but she has two jobs (one of which she just lost and needs to replace) and is going to school full time, and is also a single mother. I needed to go lay down and rest after hearing that from her. I am very blessed that I do not have to work. At some point I will work, but right now that is not something I have to do or worry about. And I would think that not many divorced, single moms have that luxury. I don't know, I don't know many of them. So I definately consider myself blessed.

Another thing I learned is that I do not want to be a bitter, single mom. I didn't see anyone like that in there, but I know there have to be a few in there. I think it is so easy to become cynical, bitter, cold, negative...and any other word you can think of that fits into that category, but I just don't want to live that way. I have discovered for myself that this can be a ministry for me. I don't really know how, but I don't think that's important right now. I think discovering that God can use me through this is enough now, that I will keep my eyes open for ways to serve in the future.

So anyways, that is what is going on with me. I am off to start packing again...oh when will it end!!!


Blogger April Carrasco said...

I am so glad you have found a class at church that fits your needs. I hope the move goes well!

10:39 AM  

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