Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am babysitting Ryder today. He goes to Greenlawn on Monday and Wednesday's while Suzanne is at work, and she lost her baby sitter who picks him up and keeps him until she gets off, so I'm doing it today. It is definately a trial run for what it will be like with 3. But he just laid down for a nap, and the way he sleeps he'll sleep until she gets here, so right now it's easy! I think I will be blessed with having Madi in K-garten when Mason gets here, so I know that will help. And Kyle is like the easiest kid in the it will all work out.

Have any of you been watching Oprah this week? Man, it's been a great Oprah week. I've had to DVR most of them and watch them later, because I wouldn't be able to get it all in with small ones around. Today I managed to watch it with 3 kids! Although I am going to watch it again tonight, because I am sure I wasn't able to get it all in.

Monday was about "America's Debt Diet" which was very inspiring. I got some great pointers, and was inspired to take all my change to the bank. I have been collecting it since I am cleaning out and find so much of it! In the last week, I had collected over $80 in change!

Tuesday was about making the decision to stay home with your kids or making the decision to work outside the home. It was called, "Can women really have it all?" As always in this kind of show, there are some very heated mothers on both sides who feel very strongly. I do feel it's a shame though, that whatever side you are on we can't be more supportive of each other. I think there are just so many tense feelings about this subject and that makes it very hard to support each other. But it was very good and very thought provoking.

And today, may have been the best Oprah I've ever seen. It was called, "What five words describe your marriage?" I tried to describe mine, and the only word I could think of was, done. And then repeating it five times. (I'm smiling as I say that... I have to keep a sense of humor) Anyways, it really to me wasn't so much about marriage as it was about ourselves and what we bring to our marriages. It focused on making sure that we are whole human beings. They mentioned the line from "Jerry Maguire" (which is one of my all time fav movies) "You complete me" which is a statement in marriage that makes our marriages fail. If you can't complete yourself, then you can't complete someone else. How true!!!! So much of the focus of the show was about spirituality. Of course spirituality in the context they were using didn't include God, and in my world it does. But regardless, the point was the same. If you go to the man who was on there, I can't remember his name, has a list on how to build a marriage based on spirituality. It was a great show.

And's about "30-somethings in America" what our life is about. I'm not 30 yet, but I kind of already put myself in that category. No, I don't watch t.v. all the time. Everyday I've seen the preview for Oprah, and I think, "man I've got to watch that!" And I tell you, it's been a great Oprah week!


Blogger CCross said...

I watch Oprah when ever I get the chance, my favorite shows are about how to dress to fit your body type. I need a lot of help in that area especailly since the baby. Anyway, I am excited you are having a boy. I love the name Mason, I wanted to name our next baby Mason (but Brian didn't really like it that much). Anyway, if Mason Lee needs anything, let me know I have tons of baby stuff.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Oprah too. She really makes you stop and think about things. I never get to watch the show though, unless I'm home from work which is never! Have a good week! ~Amanda~

11:57 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I happened to see the end of the SAHM vs. working ones. I get so heated watching stuff like that at the comments that are made that I just can't watch much of it. We watched 20/20 the other night having to do with debt as well. I just don't see how people let it get that out of control. I guess I am very blessed to have such a disciplined husband that does not allow debt in our family! For him, it was just the way he was raised and has transfered to our family as well. I guess if your not taught you have to learn the hard way, but it is just common sense to me. Don't buy stuff when you don't have the money!

1:59 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

That is awesome about your change!!! I keep a change jar next to the washer and it has come in handy for sonic money! We give a lot to Ty too for his little 'cow' bank- he is going to be loaded some day!

4:20 PM  
Blogger April Carrasco said...

Amen! I have loved Oprah this week. The budget one really inspired me. School loans are killers!

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Its me Joelynn. You have been on my mind latley and now I know why. I decided to try to find you to see how your family is doing. Well I guess I know now. I read back in your blog and I am praying for you. I am sorry that you are going through all of these hard times. But as you know what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Hold on to your faith and God will carry you through. You are a strong woman and a wonderful mother. Your children are blessed to have you. Take care and if you need anything let me know. ~Joelynn Mermea~

1:36 PM  

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