Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to all...

Today is Mother's Day. I had a good day, I hope all you other mother's out there in blogland did too. Nathan got me exactly what I wanted, a printer dock and a vacuum. I asked for the vacuum. I had about had it with the other one, so getting a vacuum for Mother's Day was something I really wanted. I always write stuff about me being a mother, so instead I wanted to write something about my mom and why I love her.

Why My Mom is so Great
You know how they say that each child is matched with the parents they're supposed to have? Well in my case, I had the best match ever with my mom. Although we have different personalities, God could not have given me a better mother. She has taught me to look at things with a different perspective, when at times I tend to have complete tunnel vision. She always buys me little gifts that remind her of me. She always makes me feel special, and she always gives me compliments. She is a lot of fun, and she always finding new and fun things for us to do together. She is why I am a good mom. She is why I do the things I do for my kids, and she is who taught me why being a mom so special. And my most favorite thing about my mom is that she makes really nice, fresh sandwiches. (that last one is kind of an inside joke)
Happy Mother's Day....I love you sooo much!


Blogger Lisa said...

Glad you had such a good Mother's Day! You are a wonderful mother and deserve the best! Your mother obviously had a lot to do with that, how blessed you are!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Larissa Lee, you just made my day!!! Such nice, well-articulated thoughts that were just what I needed to hear today!! And, your Dad and I have often observed your take on motherhood and been so impressed, it's gratifying to know that I was a contributor, even if it was by trial and error!

Thanks for temporarily helping Nathan out (he's such a good young man, and good for you) and for being such a good mom to our precious to Madelyn Grace and Kyle Jackson. You are a valuable choice in my life.

Now, why don't you go to your front porch and have a nice, fresh cup of coffee with delicious flavored creamer and watch Madi be Dorothy or Glenda or the Witch while Kyle makes good use of the pooper-scooper!!! I'll think of you.

Love, Mama

6:48 PM  
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