Thursday, April 20, 2006

The past is exactly what it is.....the past

Do you ever have those moments or days when you think about the past and it really bothers you? I try to restrict them to moments, b/c I'm not going to let Satan use that as a tool against me to try to get me down. I know we all have our skeletons, for some of us they poked their ugly heads out of the closet and for others they have stayed in there. I'm not sure which is worse. Sometimes I think that keeping them in there is worse. Letting them out certainly provides a cleansing of sorts...and that's the nice way to put it! Whatever the case may be, we have all struggled and made mistakes in some form or fashion. I guess it's one of those moments for me, and the most wonderful consolation I have is that, although people may hold my past against me, my God doesn't. It can be so easy to get mad at people who judge you, when you know they have done wrong too, but that's not being Christian-like either. I am soooo thankful and grateful to a God who looks past everything I've done wrong and still blesses me beyond my wildest dreams. To be a Christian is the most special gift in the world. I am also so thankful and grateful for my friends who have truly been my friends. There are some of you that I have been friends with for so long and you have been my friends regardless of the things I have done. You've always loved me and always supported me and that is not something that you can easily find in people. I love you! I have also loved reconnecting with all you LCU bloggers! It has been great! Okay, now I feel like I just made an Oscar speech, but seriously I love my friends! Have a great weekend!


Blogger Lisa said...

You said it... the past is the past. We all have one. I am sure it all helps form who we are today and I sure love the Larissa I know and have grown to know more over the past two years.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Amen, Sista! You are awesome...always have been :)

I know exactly what you are talking about. It's really hard for me to "face" people from my past sometimes because I know they know what some of my "skeletons" looked like. It is so refreshing and encouraging to know that God doesn't look at us that way. He loves us no matter what!

It has been so awesome reconnecting with you and I really hope that next time we are in Lubbock we can see eachother and actually get to talk this time! I'll be there for Encounter in June. Scott is teaching a class :)

10:14 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Great to hear from you Larissa! I know you of all people know what it is like here in E NM. Is that one of those skeletons you are talking about??? ;)

11:18 AM  
Blogger Noel & Celeste said...

Christians have the right and PLEASURE to have our past represented not as our eyes and feelings see it, but as God does. You nailed that on the head.

I am so comforted by the fact that everything can be redeemed; EVERYTHING can be resurrected. . . we serve a powerful God.

3:45 PM  
Blogger CCross said...

You speak the truth. It is so incredible to see the forgiveness and grace of God working in our lives, and even more incredible to see that same forgiveness and grace in a friends eyes. I praise God for the past and leave it at that,then I praise God that the future is so wonderfully new and exciting.

7:16 PM  
Blogger April Carrasco said...

Sometimes the past can come back to bite us in the butt, but God is so good and blesses us inspite of our failures. We are our worse critics. God forgave us a long time ago we just have to learn to forgive ourselves. God is the master of unconditional love and for that we must be so grateful.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Great post-thanks for sharing! I am SO incredibly thankful that we do have a God like this who gives us a clean slate-otherwise I would be in a ton of trouble!!

I found your blog through Lauren's-I don't know if you remember me or not, but I enjoy reading your insights. The blog world is so interesting, huh?! I love reconnecting with people and reading about things I don't know about-it is like little windows into our souls...

God bless you and your family~

4:50 PM  

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