Friday, May 05, 2006


I don't think I knew the "real" meaning of TGIF until today. I am so tired. My sister watched the kids today. She is in town this weekend, she wasn't planning on it, but they had some trouble with their house she had to come down. I would go to bed now, but I have to change my sheets and I just don't have the energy to get up and do it right now. Kyle spilt a route 44 of ocean water all over our bed today, and I think if I understood correctly she got up what she could, but left the rest. So as you can's a sticky mess. I can't complain...she was nice enough to help us out of a bind today, but man my room is a wreck and they're not ever supposed to be in our room. They messed up the t.v. in the living room, and Suzanne couldn't figure out to get the screen to come back on, so she took them into our room. She doesn't have kids yet, but when Ryder is born I have a list of words that I'm going to teach him, along with bodily functions, you know the basic things that you really want your kids to say and do in public. By the way my sister is not a rude disgusting person, but there just sooo many things you have to change when kids come into the picture. You can't call bad drivers, "hey stupid" which we have had to go over several times with Madi now, thanks to Suzanne. And the burping, oh the burping. It drives me crazy when Madi burps outloud in public. I can also blame Nathan for that one too. I used to burp a lot too....but monkey see, monkey do!! She will learn, oh how she will learn. And oh how I will laugh....very hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still enjoying my job. They are hiring another processor. She should start part time next week, and full time in a week or two. I can't wait...there is just way too much for one to handle. I'm going to work with Zach, and the other girl will work with Gina. I'm very happy about that. I like Gina on a personal level, but she's a little bit harder to work with on a business level. I think Zach and I are just more alike.

I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted this weekend. I have to have my picture taken for the coldwell banker magazine that they send out. I feel really important. It's funny, for the longest time I have really neglected myself. I think I have taken care of myself spiritually, but other than that in any other way, I have really neglected myself. I haven't done it on purpose, but that just kind of happens when you're so focused on your kids. Well going back to work has really helped me to see how important it is to take care of yourself in every way. I have a lunch hour. A whole hour out of the day to do whatever it is that I want. That seems obvious, right? Well I can't think of the last time that I consistently had an hour or even half an hour to do whatever it is that I wanted. I have neglected myself physically. I have to get back in shape, I have tried off and on the past year, but with no real committment. It's so important for me to be at my best, so I can help others be at their best. I didn't realize that I can't see. After working with paperwork all week, I've started getting headaches. How long have I not been able to see? I don't know...I feel that in this last very long week...I have learned so much. As hard as it is for me sometimes, I really think this is so good for me right now. Some people may not understand how me being at work could be good for me personally, but I think I am kind of getting to know myself again. And I've changed a lot since my prechildren days.

Well I'm going to get off here. Kyle is asleep on the couch. We have had trouble getting him to go to sleep at night this week, and generally that is never a problem for him. So the last two nights he's stayed up with us and then he just falls asleep. It's cute, and he's so tired so he'll cuddle with you. I hope you all have a good weekend!!!


Blogger Lauren said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your job and getting to take some time out for yourself. As much as we cherish our time with our children, we must also cherish the time we have to be alone. It's good for our sanity!

Hope you had fun getting your hair done :) And I also hope you were able to get all the oceanwater out of your bedding! You crack me up with your stories. I know one day, I'll have my own stories to share.

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