Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well I am a working woman. It has been an adjustment to say the least. You just have so much more to think about when you're a full time mom and full time working woman. It's not even 6a.m. yet, and I've already been to Wal-mart. I had to get pantyhose. I think over the last 4 years I could have counted on one hand how many pairs of panyhose I owned. Well, now I own 2 more pair.

First off, I really like my job. By noon yesterday I was wanting to cuss, but by 5 I was liking it again. That's the nature of the loan business though, so I already knew that. If you own your own home you probably wanted to cuss at your loan officer, realtor, or underwriters a couple of times too, so you know what I mean. I like working with Zach...we both have the same kind of style as far as loan processing goes, so that has been good. They are going to hire another processor so that Zach and Gina will both have their own. And I couldn't be happier!!! That will probably keep me from wanting to cuss so much. ***Disclaimer: I don't have a potty mouth, I just like to say cuss. I think it's a funny word. My daughter keeps me and everyone else in check with their language. "Mom, we can say: oh my stars and oh my moons, and oh my goodness, but we can't say 'oh my gosh, or oh my god.' " In the words of my baby girl!!!

Anyways, the kids are doing great. Kyle is the one who I knew would cause more concern b/c he's younger, but he hasn't been crying when Nathan has dropped him off to preschool, and he's been having great days. I guess I'm the one who has problems, yes, it's me! And I will say I am doing much better. Yesterday was a good day. I'm so thankful that I'm so busy at work that I don't have time to be sad, and I really do enjoy what I'm doing there, so that is helpful. It's been the down time that I tend to get a little down. Monday was a pretty rough day. I think I cried off and on all afternoon after I got home from work. This is a huge adjustment, but the funny thing is that I know whole heartedly that this is what God wants for me right now. There are times when I do feel that I am in a cave, but I also know that when we're in the cave that's when God does his best work with us. I don't know what God is preparing me for and preparing my family for, but I do know he is faithful and he has lifted me up tremendously just in the last 48 hours. I know that this is not about a "job" this is about something far greater for me. What, I don't know...but God does and that's what is most important. I don't say that with tears in my eyes, but in full assurance that God is so great!!!!

Our lives have changes a lot, but I have to put things into perpective.
1. No one died.
2. I have great friends and family.
3. We are all healthy.
4. I have a job that I really like!!
5. I have God...what else do I need???
6. I have a very supportive husband who has been cooking a lot!!!! He also dresses the kids, drops them off at preschool, gives baths...etc. It's great!

I have to be more creative with time, and have quality time! Even before I had lots of time, but I don't know if I spent it right. In fact lots of times, I know I didn't. My kids hugs and kisses have to last me all day. And one of the best feelings in the world is when you come home and your little boy, runs to the door and yells, "mama!" And he means it with such love and admiration. That's the best feeling in the world. (Okay, so I'm crying now, but not a bad cry, a happy one)

I say it again and I'll say it forever: I am so blessed and so thankful. God has been good to me. I hope you have a good day!


Blogger Lisa said...

I can imagine what a huge change this is and I know every job has its moments. I am glad all is going so well and that God has provided a way for you to be able to do this. What a blessing to be surrounded by such encouraging people. You do realize how rare that is in an office setting?!! I never had that except when I worked at Prestoncrest! I sure miss you. Hope to see you at the program Friday night! L

8:33 AM  

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