Friday, June 22, 2007

A much needed break

The kids left today to go back to my mother in law's house. I am soooo grateful for her keeping them for me. They will be there for 2 weeks, and then my mom and I will go pick them up. We're going to go up there and go to church with them and take Mason so everyone up there can meet him. It is hard to believe that the kids have only been home 2 weeks. It's been an incredibly long two weeks. Bless their hearts I love them so much, but honestly everyone has their breaking point, and I was about there. The summer time is a good time, because you don't have a schedule, but at the same time, it's hard, because I have all 3 all the time. And with Mason not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time, I am just going non-stop. I am hoping and praying that soon he will start stretching out that time just a bit to give me a break. The nice thing is that I know that this can not go on forever. Someday he will eventually start to eat less often, and will sleep through the night. "This too shall pass" is something I frequently say to myself. I don't want to wish away his baby days, but just getting through this time period is important. And really I think it's a hard time for any mom, regardless of the situation. Having a newborn is hard work! And mom's shouldn't feel guilty for "having to get through it". Sometimes it's just that way.

I do have big plans for the next two weeks. I got a gym membership with my sister today. I am really working on my goal of losing 30 pounds. I've been eating well, now I just need to add in the exercise. They won't keep babies until their 6 months old though, so I can't take Mason. But I think Madi and Kyle will have fun. So I want to get a jump start on that while their gone.

And really I say I have big that I think about it, I don't. I guess my big plans would be going to Target, Wal-mart, and United without all three kids. And I can have lunch dates without all three kids. I guess it just all depends on how you define big, and right now going somewhere without the entire crew seems to be big to me. I'd like to see a movie or two, swim, and of course take naps. Ahhhhhh...sleep. I think I've forgotten what it feels like.

So if anyone is up for anything, let me know! I'm pretty sure I'll be available.


Blogger Lyndy said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. I hope you are able to get some good rest and get out and have a little fun too.

Wish I lived close to you and we would head out for a movie.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

10:32 PM  
Blogger Marta said...

I miss naps!!! Soak up every second! I agree, moms shouldn't feel guilty about reaching their breaking points. I'm so glad that you're going to have a break so that you can rest, enjoy some solo time with Mason and get your feet underneath you. Have fun!

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to make plans! Oh but I don't live close enough. It sounds like you will make the most of the time no matter what you do. I had 4 days off last weekend and we didn't do much at all, to some of my clients' surprise, but it was just what I needed.


hey I will give you a call since you have a little more free time.

Miss You!

7:34 AM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Trust this 2 weeks is just what Dr. Jesus ordered!!! You are blessed to have parents like you have. Enjoy your time Larissa.

10:20 AM  
Blogger jen said...

Enjoy your time away from the older ones. Don't be hard on yourself...I don't know why, but sometimes three just feels like so many!

12:04 PM  
Blogger April Carrasco said...

I am glad you will have a break. I cannot imagine how tired you must be. Hang in there! I know you are doing a great job.

9:22 PM  

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