Saturday, September 01, 2007

I have internet!!!

I am so excited to have internet again at my house. I haven't had it for 6 months now! I've had to blog at work or at my parents house. Well since I'll be working from home now, I have to have it. I am so thrilled! I'm not up and running 100% yet. I still have to figure out how to get my fax machine to network and all that, but Lord willing that will be done soon. I am so impressed with myself. I got my computer put together all by myself. I even got the internet working by myself. That is huge for me. I'm pretty proud.

It's been another tough week with Mason, but things have been great the last two days, so I am very hopeful. We went back to the dr. on Friday, because he was still throwing up. We were going on day 10. They did an upper GI test on him, and things look okay. It does show he has reflux, but we already knew that. That test was the coolest thing ever to watch. They had him drinking the bottle of barium, and you could see it moving down his esophagus and into his neat! The human body is amazing.

They are doing a full head CT on Thursday. Not really because of the throwing up, but because of his head. It's kind of a sensitive subject with me, but the back of his head is pretty mis-shaped. Enough that his pediatrician, along with her partner, thing it would be good just to have it checked out to be cautionary. I was really pushing to have it done. If by his four month appointment it hadn't gotten any better, we were going to go see the neurologist, but she decided to go ahead and go this route. We have to be at the hospital at 11am, and they're not doing it until 1pm, but they said not to feed him that morning. Pray for me, because I'm not sure how that's going to work out. He's a baby! He eats every 4 hours!

I really feel that everything will be fine. I don't think there is anything wrong with him, but I am relieved to be having the test done. I am so grateful for good health care and a good doctor. I never really thought about it with the other two, because they were so healthy. Besides Kyle's ears, I've never dealt with anything like this. So I feel very fortunate to be with a good system that is doing the best for my little man.

Madi had a great week. She just loves school. It is so wonderful for her. I am so thankful that I don't have a child who was clinging to my leg. There were some parents that were still struggling with that on Friday. I'll give her one more week to adjust, and then I think she'll be ready to start walking in the door by herself. She is just so big!!!

Kyle and Mason will start at South Plains on Tuesday. They will both go two days a week. I wanted to get them in at Monterey, but there was a wait list. South Plains will be very convenient for me. It's about 2 minutes from my office. I am planning on going to the office on Tuesday and Thursday's. Those will be my days to be out and "network." I think that is the dumbest word, but that is what I'll be doing. My boss asked me if I liked the word "sell yourself" better. I said no. So networking it is!

We were supposed to go to Kyle and Mason's open house on Thursday night, and then I was going to meet some friends at DQ, but Mason had the worst day ever that day! He cried from noon-7pm. They only way he wouldn't cry was if you were holding him. I was so absolutely exhausted that I couldn't even see straight. So we didn't make it. I was really wanting them to meet their teachers, but it just didn't work out. Kyle is very excited. He got a new backpack and lunchbox. I am so very, very grateful for them to get to be a part of a mom's day out program again. I really think they are such great programs.

That night Sheila came over and brought me dinner after the kids went to bed. I enjoyed my chili cheese coney very much, and enjoyed her company even more! It really perked me up, because I was just so tired and really down emotionally. But like I said, the last two days have been great, so I don't know maybe all this throwing up had just been a really long bug. He hasn't thrown up in 36 hours, which is the longest he's gone. And he's actually taking naps now, so I am hopeful that we are turning a corner here. And if he's not, then we'll figure out what's wrong eventually. I've really been saying, "this too shall pass" a lot lately, because it's true. Everything passes. "The troubles of today will be erased by the sands of time." (That's a fortune I got a couple of months ago at Pei Wei. I keep it on my dashboard of my car.)

I'm very excited about working from home. I am not going to pretend that this is going to be easy. It will have his challenges. I will have to keep my communication with my boss way up! And always be on my toes, however, there are just so many positives. For one, what I will pay in daycare for one week, I will be paying in one month...actually less. And I'm encouraged about keeping Mason healthier. And I'm so excited to be home with the boys. On Friday they were both with me, and it reminded me of when Madi was Kyle's age and Kyle was a baby. That wasn't that long ago, yet it was! And now I have a child in public school! My goodness, time is flying!

Madi starts soccer practice on Tuesday. Her team is the ponytails. And they wear pink...her favorite! She is so excited, and I'm so excited for her.

Life has had some big challenges lately, but man I love these kids, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so blessed to be a mom.


Anonymous Amanda said...

I'm sorry you are dealing with that. Let me know what happens on Thursday. I'm sure things will work out okay.

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