Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lots of pics!

If Madi's mouth looks funny, that's because she just ate a blue sucker. (That tasted like wood she I don't feed my kids wood. I'm not sure what that's all about.)

Taking turns jumping in.
Ryder and my mom in the pool for his lessons.

4th of July
Madi floating
Kyle floating
Kyle doing his torpedos.
Well here is what we have been doing the last week, and will do for 2 more weeks. I don't know why I always think this will be fun. I really need to get out more often so I can re-evaluate my definition of fun! The kids are having fun anyways! Kyle is doing so much better. He's actually enjoying it now, and it's so good for them.
I stuck in one pic of Mason from July 4th. He has a little patriotic outfit from his great aunt Nancy.
Things are going well. Mason will be 8 weeks tomorrow!!! I just can't believe it. Time is flying, but I'm not sure what I've been doing with my time. It just seems like we're always busy. I think I spend half of my life on the road right now. At least when swimming is over, we won't be driving to Post everyday. Gas is killing me!!!
A lot of you have mentioned how my spirits seem to be lifted. And they really are. It's hard to explain, but I am just feeling so much better. The hard days still come, but none of us are immune to those, and never will be. I think working has helped me a lot. It's just nice to feel that someone values the skills that I have, and appreciates my opinion. I am planning on going to Dallas the weekend of August 4th to take my loan officer license classes. That is the weekend of Kyle's birthday, which I am not all that thrilled about, but it's the only weekend I'll be able to. They just passed a new law that effective September 1st you have to have all your classes in and have passed the state test or you will have to have double the amount of classes. So, I have to get it done now. I'm really excited to start doing some marketing, and making some old contacts I have to get some business. It's kind of a challenge for me, and normally I'm not like that. I get scared with the idea of "sales" but it's really different this time. For one I have a lot more confidence in myself, but mostly I know that God has really brought me to this point, so I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I'll get there, and since I'm with God on this one, it's going to be great and I know it. I'm just really looking forward to it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey friend, it was great to see the pictures, but what are torepedos? I'm so excited to see you, but I hate that it will be during Kyle's birthday.
Have a great weekend!!


7:19 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Don't think of it as sales, its networking, and I already know your great at that! I am thrilled for you and will be praying about August 4th. My parents live in Arlinton and have a spare room if you need a free place to stay! They are a little nutty but very entertaining! You know they would have to be right?! Glad your summer is goint well. I am ready for another mudslide anytime you are and the one on Slide knows exactly what I am talking about!

8:30 PM  

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