Monday, May 21, 2007

My Baby Love

Mason is continuing to do better. He has had a good day. They didn't have to put him on a respirator. I saw the doctor this morning, and he said that preemies lungs will get worse before they get better. So it is not uncommon for there to be more fluid. He said tomorrows X-ray could show the same thing, but then it will start to change and the fluid will go away. Everything else is looking good on him, and we have no other reason to believe that he will not continue to be strong. I have heard from two different nurses that preemie, white males always have the hardest time recovering. They don't know why, but that always seems to be the way it is. He can't eat right now, with a feeding tube or with a bottle, because there is a chance he could aspirate (sp?) As soon as he's breathing on his own, which be in a day or two then they can start feeding him. He is getting hungry, which is a very good sign, but for now they have to sedate him a little so he doesn't get so mad about not getting to eat. They do have some nourishment that is going through his i.v. but it doesn't provide any sustenance for his little tummy. I thought about fasting with him, and then told myself that was about the dumbest idea I'm eating.

I can't wait to hold him. I am really, really needing that as a mom right now...but it will be all the more sweeter when I can. What's best is to let him rest and get strong and healthy. I will probably be discharged tomorrow, unless my doc will let me stay, but I know that eventually they will make me go home. He is probably looking at being here for a week. I can't wait to post pictures. He is just the cutest thing ever, and I love him so much already.

I'll post tomorrow about anything new that is going on with him. Thanks for all your prayers. They are working. God bless!


Blogger Marta said...

Congratulations on Mason's birth! Been away for a bit and just now caught up! I'm so sorry that you can't hold your little one right now! I know that must be so hard! But I'm glad that he seems to be doing well, all things considered and that his prognosis is good. We'll keep praying!

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

I can't believe you are having to go through this right now. It's not fair that the father left you to do this on your own, and now you are having to deal with a sick newborn baby. I don't understand why it is you that has to deal with all of this. I am really mad right now if you can't tell!! Sorry, I shouldn't be, but I can't help it. I feel bad for you and I am thinking of you. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

8:10 AM  

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