Thursday, September 28, 2006

I haven't been home at night in a week!!! Last thursday night I had bunco. Friday night we went and hung out with the girl I work with, Gina. Saturday night we went to the Tech game. Sunday night we went and celebrated Jenny's birthday. Monday night we went to the fair with my parents. Tuesday night I had my bible study, and finally.....last night we went to fair with our friends, Eric and Cari. No wonder I'm tired!!! I am really looking forward to being home tonight, and doing nothing!!!! Except watching a little's a good night for that.

Last night we went to the fair. Madi is such a little dare devil when it comes to rides. And I thought I used to be, but apparently I'm not anymore. She gets bored with the little kid rides, so we went to find one that we could ride together. I was trying to find one that was kind of tame but still fun. So we get on this ride, and it starts going and I'm afraid for my life!!! She is giggling so loud, and I was petrified!!! I wish I could have taped the conversation. She asked me what was wrong, and I didn't want to tell her I was scared. Then she asked me why I was holding on to her so tight. So finally I told her I was kind of scared and I didn't really like the ride. She says, "Oh mommy, I'll hold on to you." She was yelling, "this is like a fun tornado!" Is there such a thing as a fun tornado??? I had just ate a corn dog too, and it beginning to not sit well with me. That ride lasted forever!!!

Then we go ride this little kiddy boat, and she was so disappointed. After it stops, she says, "Is that all it's going to do?" She is afraid of nothing!!!! I like that about her...she's got spunk!

So we've had our fair share of the fair, since we've been twice! And now we're broke! That place is so ridiculously expensive!!!

Nathan leaves Friday night for the A&M game. He is flying to Dallas, and then one of his friends is driving with him from Dallas to College Station. He is excited. Last Saturday night, he had the pleasure of hanging out with Robert Johnson, Antonio Huffman, Joel Filani, and Jarrett Hicks. One of his friends that is a loan officer was roommates with Antonio Huffman. Now, if you're a normal person those names mean absolutely nothing to you. And even if you anything about college football, that still may mean nothing to you. Chances are you would have to know something about Tech football. Anyways, they all play for Tech, and Eric and Nathan hung out with them. They were both on cloud 9...well they still are. If I hear Nathan tell that story one more time, I think I'll kill myself. But I am proud that he had the chance to do that.

Well I guess that is about it for now. I hope you all have a great rest of the week!


Blogger Lisa said...

Hey there! It was SO good talking to you yesterday, however it made me miss you all the more. I am calling tomorrow and hopefully will get to see you in person! Sounds like you had fun at the fair, we have still yet to go!!! I LOVE this time of year. I wish I was more like Madi!

4:08 PM  

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