Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Night

I'm feeling SO much better. I feel like I've returned to the land of the living. The Oscars are fixing to start. I'm glued to the T.V. to see what everyone is wearing. So far nothing scary. There's always that "what was she thinking" dress, so I'll keep watching, b/c I'm sure it will surface somewhere.

As far as the actual awards I'm really hoping Reese Witherspoon wins. I really like her a lot. I also hope that Crash wins. That is an awesome movie. If you haven't seen it, go rent it now! I also like Terrence Howard. Hustle and Flow was a good movie too. If you can get past all the "pimp talk". It kind of made us laugh. I don't even know who's nominated for anything else. Like I said, I mostly watch to see what everyone looks like. I actually hate all the political drama that Hollywood brings along with it.

Well gotta go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could have put money on your predictions for the Oscar winners. I hope you are feeling better. I haven't read any books recently. I've started a couple of Patricia Cornwell books, but I lose intrest about half way through them. Then I try to pick them up later and I can't remember anything that has happened. Her main character is a medical examiner who tries to solve mysteries. I've read all of the Harry Potter books and I think they are great.


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